We are excited to welcome U.S. Bank credit cards to our reviews. This bank offers a grocery shopping rebate card and a cash back card. Are you a Mom Blogger? Then consider a business credit card. If you like coupons and free stuff then why not get cash back on your blogging expenses?

A reward credit card used to be a rarity. Only members with the highest credit limits or those who had their cards for long periods of time could expect to receive anything from the credit card companies. Often, rewards would come in the form of gift cards or something a bit more tangible, like luggage. These days, the majority of companies have several different reward cards that people can apply for. In cases such as the Discover Card, the reward is actually money which can be statement credits or even cash in the form of a check. A person receives a percentage of his expenditures, so each time he uses the card he is increasing the size of the payment he will get back. Other reward cards offer people discounts at certain hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. You now have a more immediate reward or bonus on the latest lure from credit card companies including $50 sign-up bonuses up to $400.

With so many different types of rewards, people need to seriously look at their spending habits before they choose a reward card. A person who doesn’t own a car is not going to benefit from a program that rewards spending on gasoline. Likewise, someone who rarely travels will not reap many rewards from a frequent-flyer miles card. Of course for the rest of us, who travel as frequently as possible, these cards hold exceptional incentives.

Looking to transfer a balance to another card? Balance Transfer Credit Cards have become big over the last several years because not only do they keep you away from higher interest on your current credit cards but they earn you some rewards. With Balance Transfer credit cards there are many fees such as a 3% balance transfer fee charged by most banks that has recently increased to 5%. We have an updated list that includes no balance transfer fee cards.

I’ll take a rebate please. Rewards Credit Cards come in many shapes and colors just like the spring fashion. The banks and credit card companies are competing more than ever to give you the reward you desire. Most banks now offer a rewards card but there are only certain offers we will list on this website because we want to make sure they truly pay you the highest amount in rewards possible. The credit card companies are making at least a 3% kickback on all sales in retail stores so why can’t you make back some money from it.

Which Rebate Cards Should I Choose? A guide to help in the decision process of deciding on what rewards card works best for you. A rewards card offer is not always black and white now with social networking you can get rewards from cards such as American Express just for Tweeting.

Save real money at the Gas Station? Frugal shopper or not; surveys show that most people need help saving money at the pump because that seems more of a tax on our everyday purchases. Credit Card companies offer great ways to save at gas stations and grocery stores including cards that give you rebates from Chase Bank, Discover Card, and some credit unions
Gas offers include a small two percent rebate promotional ones that give you six-percent rebates on all purchases at any gas station for 90 days. You can compare this to other popular fuel cards like the BP Visa, Shell Card and the Exxon MasterCard where you only get the small rebates back towards fill-up purchases and not towards the entire credit card bill. People looking to find cheaper fuel need to look not just at the gas stations but at ways to earn back some of the money spent with cards like our favorite gas card where you can earn up to 10% back on your gas purchases.

Benefits of Travel Reward Cards. Most major airlines have had some form of frequent flier program in place for years. However, gaining miles was dependent on flying, so most people could not actually benefit from a membership. In order to get more people involved, and ultimately to get more people flying, airlines have teamed up with credit card companies to develop a variety of travel reward cards. People are usually given a large number (anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000) of bonus miles just for signing on. After that, members receive one mile for every dollar they spend on the card. Some companies will grant double miles when cards are used for purchasing specific items. Many times, people will sign up for a new card simply to gain miles for trips they have been planning.
Airline Frequent Miles Cards and hotel points cards are popular like never before for business users, yuppies, and families that take a lot of vacations. Starwood hotel rewards features ways to transfer miles to their airline partners on a 1:1 ratio and that is a luxury compared to other hotel cards. Starwood is not the most popular hotel rewards credit card only because people are not aware of how valuable it is. With rising costs of hotels and baggage fees among added costs with airlines it’s in your best interest to have one of these cards for bonus points.
Are you still using checks at the grocery store? Say No to ever writing checks and learn how you can make money off your purchases instead with cards that give you 5% cash rebates adding up to hundreds a year. This is savings you would not normally see with a time-consuming checkbook.
Bad Credit and need a charge card? An unsecured credit card is a credit card where you get credit based on your credit history not on what you have debited to your card. Most rewards cards and low interest credit cards with no annual fees are unsecured cards. If you have bad credit we do have a sub-prime credit card company that helps consumers rebuild their credit. There is also other good news for bad credit consumers because you can actually build your credit by holding some secured credit cards if they report to the proper credit agencies. If you have bad credit and are looking to earn reward points may have to pay some upfront fees and possibly higher interest.

$15 in Curb On-Demand Taxi Credits

The Curb app formerly known as Taxi Magic is the most popular way to book taxi’s on demand in 60 cities across the U.S. With the Curb app you can book taxis from New Orleans to New York City in the U.S. and when traveling to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. They offer an alternative to on-demand ride share services that have surge pricing but remember cabbies regular rates are often more expensive. We recommend these as our #1 and #2 ride-sharing apps. Curb is offering new users a free $10 credit toward your first ride, and you can earn additional $10 credits for referring your friends. Right now they are offering an additional stackable $1 in promo codes. So that brings you to a total of $11 in Curb credits. See our other promo codes for these on-demand taxi apps. How To Get $10 New Curb User Credit: 1. Create a new Curb account and download the app for the first time. 2. On the credit card registration page that appears after creating an account, click the “Enter Promo Code” text link. 3. Enter Referral Code o91l92 to receive $10 in Magic Credits added to your account instantly. 4. Complete the registration of your credit card with Curb. Then enter the promo codes below: $5 Bonus Credit After you are all signed up you can get another $5 off your next ride by entering promo code FALL5 to your Curb app. Credits expire on October 7, 2015. Past Promotions LABORDAY15 to your Curb account and get going. Credits expire on September 8, 2015.Father’s Day Promo Code to... read more

Amazon, Zappos, Diapers.com, Department, and Clothing Stores for 5% Back This Holiday Season

It’s that time again to register for your cash back bonuses and with the final quarter of 2015 not much has changed with Discover credit cards 5% back. You will still get the 5% bonus on Amazon and you can add Chase Freedom to that list as well. This almost makes us think that Amazon is paying for this because they are surely getting us addicted to the 5% back with them instead of shopping at a local Target or Walmart. Discover 5% Cash Rebate Categories from October to December 2015 include Amazon, Department Stores, and Clothing Stores. They started the year with Gas and Ground Transportation, then Restaurants and Movies, then featured Amazon, Department Stores, and Home Improvement Stores in the quarter that will end September 30. Read here on how you can score double cash back with Discover IT Cards. Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Rebate Categories for the 4th Quarter are not too different including Amazon, Zappos, Audible.com, and Diapers.com from October 1st to December 31, 2015. You can also pick your cash back if you have a US Bank Cash Plus card or cash in on a card below where you do not have to worry about rotating categories: 1. Capital One Quicksilver MasterCard – 1.5x on everything including Sam’s Club 2. Barclaycard Arrival Plus – 2x Arrival miles on everything, worth 2.2% back when redeemed for $25 or more in travel expenses 3. Citi Double Cash – 2% Total Cash Back from 1% cash back on all purchases and another 1% cash back when you pay your bill 4. Discover it Miles – 1.5%... read more

25% Bonus to Virgin America via Citi ThankYou Points

Citibank’s credit card division announced that you can can now transfer an unlimited number of your ThankYou Points to Virgin America Elevate points. This is great news for those of us in lust with the Virgin America experience. I say lust because they do not fly to many cities as we await them to build up their fleet. This is also great for Citi cardmembers and the ThankYou Points network for being one of the best as it is improving day by day over all the other credit card rewards in means of redemption. Citi cardmembers can now transfer their ThankYou Points to 14 hotel and airline loyalty rewards programs. Eligible cards for this ThankYou points promotion include the Citi ThankYou Premier and Citi Prestige cards. The 25% bonus runs through October 21, 2015. You must transfer a minimum of 1,000 ThankYou Points. Every 2 ThankYou Points you transfer to Virgin America you will receive 1.25 Elevate points. Virgin America reward flights start as low as 2,500 points to destinations across the U.S. and Mexico including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Cancun, and later this year, Honolulu, Oahu and Kahului, Maui. “We look forward to welcoming Citi cardmembers on board Virgin America with this new points offer. They will be flying in style in our mood-lit cabins with fleetwide WiFi, custom-designed leather seats, power outlets, and a video touch-screen at every seatback offering guests on-demand menus and countless entertainment options. With no blackout dates or restrictions on Virgin America reward flights, flyers can redeem points on any flight at any time across our network, including our upcoming services to... read more

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