$10 Bonus with Visa Checkout

Bank_of_America_Visa_CheckoutAll of the banks are competing with the new digital world of banking and credit card usage. They have listed promotions with Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Wallet and Visa Checkout. Some of these offers just ask that you enroll or register for the first time using that credit card and others ask for you to make a small purchase. The great thing about it is you will be spending the money anyway but using this service which has no extra cost and gaining a bonus.

Capital One
Capital One Visa card members can get a $10 credit when you register your card with Visa Checkout by April 30, 2015. This bonus offer is being emailed to targeted Capital One Visa card members but anyone could qualify. We recommend creating a new Visa Checkout account registering your Capital One Visa card in order to qualify.

Bank of America
Bank of America Visa credit card or debit card members can get a $10 bonus when you register with Visa Checkout by March 31, 2015. This offer was originally set to expire on December 4, 2014, but it has been extended again until March 31, 2015. Just create a new Visa Checkout account and add your consumer Bank of America Visa credit or debit card during the initial set-up process to get a $10 reward card. You should expect the $10 reward card to arrive within 60 days of adding your card and you can only get this reward once.