10% up to 21% Cashback on Discover card in-store Apple Pay purchases

apple-pay-discoverDiscover bank credit cards will be supported by Apple Pay starting September 16th, the same day as iOS 9 is released. The rewards pioneer is late to the game as it is finally joining Visa and MasterCard in the U.S. as supporting card types for Apple’s contactless payments service. To sweeten the deal, Discover is offering a special cashback promotion to celebrate the addition of Apple Pay. You can get 10% cashback on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases until the end of the year, as long as those transactions were using Apple Pay.

Discover it Miles, Miles and Escape cards will also earn an extra 10 miles per dollar as part of the promotion, again up to a $10,000 limit. Like other cards, using Apple Pay with Discover is seamless and automatic. You also get the same purchase and fraud protection with Discover on Apple Pay as when using a plastic card.

This is an amazing development just in time to buy something if not everything of the new Apple lineup everyone was so impressed with. You could basically get 20% off an Apple TV, new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, Apple Watch, or the incredible new iPad Pro with a Pencil. If you signed up for a new Discover IT Card you can qualify for a DOUBLE cash back and that puts you at 10% cash back plus 10% bonus plus the normal 1% cash back totalling 21% cash back! Head here to get a $50 Bonus!

This is not just Apple Store products but anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted in store so think of 21% back plus any 5% categories it may be in could be up to 31% back! We almost think the people over at Discover HQ have lost their marbles. This could be the deal of the century.

We are excited for Discover cardmembers to have the ability to use Apple Pay. Rewards have always been important to our cardmembers, and we want to make sure they receive a generous offer for shopping with Discover and Apple Pay,” said Heather Roche, vice president of rewards at Discover. “We want to encourage new and existing Discover cardmembers to add their Discover card to Apple Pay with a few simple clicks using our mobile app, take advantage of this 10% Cashback Bonus, and experience the ease and convenience of using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay works with the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.