1,500 Free Spirit Airlines Miles

Spirit_Airlines___The_Bare_Fare_QuestionnaireIf only Spirit Airlines spent less money on marketing and more money on things like reclining seats they might could be a better airline than American or United. Their marketing is the most impressive thing in the airline space even though it brags about non-reclining seats and awkward things. Not long ago they had a way to get 8,000 points just by complaining about the airline. Now they have you take 3 quizzes to get 1500 points over answers you would think would be untrue such as a seat that does not move back or being charged for a water during your flight. Most people may be in shock and answer the questions wrong at first going back to learn how much of a discount airline this is. Go here to answer 3 sets of questions one from a dude, babe, and bear. The guy and girl start taking off clothes if you answer correctly. If you answer wrong they walk off. Pretty cool. 1,500 miles is enough to get many free magazine subscriptions including All You Magazine.

Tip: The correct answer to the Print your boarding pass question is not “your dignity”.

Additional 400 Free Spirit Airlines Miles
Go over to milesforthoughts.com and enter your Spirit Airlines information then confirm by email, answer the questions, and take a survey to get the 400 points.