2 Free Rides with New Rideshare Comparison Tool

YayYo claims to be a rideshare cost compare tool where you can evolve beyond surge pricing and “always get the cheapest quote”.
They are currently offering 2 free ride credits and a bonus of 2,000 miles in their YayMiles Program. The catch is the app has not launched yet but it does not hurt to sign up and not miss out on this new travel tool.

YayYo hopes to be a single sign-on meta search app for your smartphone that provides price comparison and booking of eventually all available ridesharing and taxi services along with select limousine and public transportation services. The YayYo service also claims to offer all the convenience you expect plus unique benefits and conveniences not available from Uber, Lyft or taxi services alone. We have seen similar apps that have come and gone but hopefully this one is here to stay if they make the right agreements with Uber, Lyft and others such as up and coming Juno and Gett.

Sign up here for YayYo with Promo Code 4TMQT and get 2 free ride credits when they launch and 200 free miles. The app is now in the market but is not booking rides yet.

YayYo has yet to hit the market and keeps hinting their launch is around the corner since October 2016, but we will go ahead and post this and hope they come out soon.

I do have to admit their IPO Video seems like an April Fool’s Joke more than reality. It does seem legit though because they have been posting about this service for months. Although they just released the IPO video maybe that is a joke and the app is not. They are also hiring drivers which is odd for an app that is supposed to compare rideshare services.