$20 off Dining out with Reserve app

We discovered a new restaurant app we were trying out called Reserve. It takes one of our favorite features from Uber by making it possible to leave your house and dine out without a wallet. With this app you can reserve a table at a top rated restaurant and it takes care of all of the payment including tip making it possible to avoid having to chase down the waiter for a check. Anything we can do to make the long wait for a tab take less time.

Currently Reserve app only has partner restaurants in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and now Philadelphia. With the $20 referral promotion you can give it a try if you live in one of the launch cities.

To get $20 towards dinner you can sign up using code LK0FOI. Once you download the app, go to “Account” and “Add Promo Code”.

Reserve is not only reservations or tab payments but also includes restaurant recommendations that are not like OpenTable. Reserve only partners with restaurants that they’ve personally tried out themselves and highly recommend. Of course we do not know if they will use this to their advantage and allow restaurants buy their way into the app in the future but for now it really reduces all the pork you see in most of the overwhelming listings by choosing a handful.

It costs $5 to make a reservation through Reserve. You can counter this fee for the first reservation by using the $20 credit for signing up. They allow you to split the check which is one advantage. But you can get both of these convenient things as part of the Tabbed Out app. We are not sure why this app would be any better with an exception for the less hassle a traveler would spend fumbling through thousands of Yelp or Open Table reviews since these are handpicked.

Here’s How to get $20 Towards Dinner
1. To get $20 towards dinner you can download the app here and sign up using code LK0FOI.
2. Go to “Account” and “Add Promo Code”. You would then enter LK0FOI.

One interesting note is that this Dining Concierge app is the first to launch out of the newer startup studio called Expa, created by StumbleUpon and Uber co-founder Garrett Camp. Expa raised $50 million last year and later announced the addition of Foursquare co-founder. This app may be a copycat of Tabbed Out but may take off with more trust from restaurants and bar owners. Tabbed Out had a lot of growing problems with tabs from stolen credit card or disputes that the bars had to cover according to various establishments I chatted with. Reserve is definitely not a mass market but a niche app for right now but we may see it grow in the next year or so.