250 Free Virgin America Elevate Points

VAtoHawaiiVirgin America was added as Starwood’s newest transfer partner with a solid 1:1 ratio. Compare that to the American Express Membership Rewards transfer ratio which is 2:1. To celebrate the new partnership, Virgin America is having a contest, along with Starwood, to win a trip to Hawaii and you can earn 250 Virgin America Elevate points just for entering.

1. If not in Virgin America take a minute to sign up for 500 bonus points here.
2. You can enter this promotion to get at least 250 points by filing out the form (takes 30 seconds) on MakeYourHawaiiscape.com by May 27, 2016. The prizes for the contest seem pretty solid as well including airfare and hotel for a trip to Oahu or Maui. Everyone who enters the contest gets 250 points. Tip: You don’t actually have to fill out a reason why you need a vacation, just select one from the list. Easy as that.
3. This should get you at least 750 points if you have not signed up yet.

Of course right now both companies are starting their merger process with the takeover companies such as Marriott with Starwood and Virgin America with Alaska so you can think of it as points for the new Alaska Air. The Virgin America points could be worth more after the merger goes through and turn into 250 or 500 Alaska miles down the road, depending on the final conversion of Virgin America points to Alaska MileagePlan miles.