Up to $50 off a Virgin America Flight!

Living Social is back with anothr great offer to purchase a Virgin America flight at a discount. Essentially, you can get anywhere between a $20 to $50 discount on your flight with the promo code you get from the purchase.

Vouchers Available Include:
Short Haul Flights: For flights up to 700-miles nonstop, you can purchase a $25 voucher for only $5 ($20 savings)
Medium Haul Flights: For flights between 701 and 1,600 miles, you can purchase a $50 voucher for only $15 ($35 savings)
Long Haul Flights: For flights more than 1,600 miles, you can purchase a $75 voucher for only $25 ($50 savings)

Using the Voucher
The voucher is only available for flights between October 22, 2015 and February 29, 2016
Blackout dates = all Sundays, 11/6, 11/9, 11/20-11/30, 12/18-1/4, 1/15, 1/18, 2/12, and 2/15
You must book your flight at least 14 days in advance
You must book your flight by October 19, 2015
If you know of a Virgin America flight you are looking to book soon this is a great way to save some money but on the other hand it has so many black dates maybe they should just tell us what days you can actually FLY. I dislike rules and blackout dates on deals like these and it pretty much blacks out all of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve travel which is a major bummer.

One big tip is you can save almost an extra $2 by using a LivingSocial promo code and another double cash back from Discover Deals when you purchase with a Discover IT card.