8,000 Free Spirit Airlines Miles

Spirit_AirlinesHateGiveawaySpirit! Airlines just rolled out a fabulous promotion giving out miles to hate on them. “Airlines mess up, but at least we’re (Spirit) is willing to admit it. Look, we haven’t been great about telling you how we fly. We’re out to change that. But first, let’s clear the air. Trade in some hate for 8,000 FREE SPIRIT miles.” You just need 10,000 miles to get a free one-way flight!

Sign-up here for your free miles and hate on an airline.

They then allow you to hate on Spirit airlines which is rather easy to do or hate on any airline which is also easy to do. The discount airliner claims their total price is on average 40% lower than other airlines and that people should learn to love them. Maybe they should hashtag it after Madonna’s new Rebel Heart album titled song #LivingforLove or they could have used #LivingforHate. Either way my biggest complaint with Spirit is of course the carry-on bag fees that are NOT included in the fare price when you get these low fares from Fly.com and Kayak. It’s disappointing to spend so much time comparing flights and it is always Spirit at the top of the list annoying us with their bag fees not included.

I will gladly take the 8,000 free miles. I cannot guarantee I will be flying Spirit anytime soon but there is lots of things I hate about American and other airlines now after all the mergers so I do think of them in a lighter way after this promotion. I was also not in their rewards program until this promotion so they now may have a new customer.

Miles will be posted to your FREE SPIRIT account within 30 to 45 days of submission and the airline will award up to one (1) billion miles for the Promotion and may modify or cancel the offer at any time. The minimum miles required for one-way flight purchased with a Spirit MasterCard credit card is 2,500 miles, with taxes and fees starting at $2.50 ($5.60 after 07/20/2014). The minimum miles required for a one-way flight purchased with any other credit or debit card is 10,000 miles, with taxes and fees starting at $2.50 ($5.60 after 07/20/2014). Miles may be used in combination with already accrued miles that are available in the member’s FREE SPIRIT account balance.