ATT Universal MasterCard

If you are considering a balance transfer to another credit card you may want to first choose the credit card to transfer to.  Applying for a credit card that has no balance transfer fees like the ATT Universal Card or a Citibank Dividend Platinum are the best choices because they offer a free initial balance transfer.  The 7 steps for the ATT Universal MasterCard can be followed for the Citibank Dividend card as well.

7 Tips for using the ATT Universal MasterCard:

1. Apply for the ATT Universal MasterCard
2. See Below
3. Put your ATT MasterCard away in a safe place so you do not use
4. Enjoy the 0% APR on Balance Transfers Offer for up to 12 months, paying off the minimum balance each month
5. Before month 12 comes around pay off the entire balance and then put the ATT MasterCard in your wallet
6. Use the credit card until you meet the maximum awards per year spending at gas stations and drugstores.
7. One you meet the maximum balance put the card away until the next year and use another rewards card in its place.  Preferably similar cards from Citibank like the Citibank Dividend MasterCard.

*We have removed tip #2 Transfer your balances to your ATT Universal Card (with the initial offer only so there is no BT fee) because they are now charging a balance transfer fee.

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