Aspen MasterCard

There seems to be loads of complaints on the Aspen MasterCard (Gold or Platinum) issued by Columbus Bank and Trust.  Forum members across the web have commented on the Aspen MasterCard saying it markets towards the poor consumers and rips them off with increasing fees and interest rates.  There are many unhappy consumers we have read about on,, and other credit forums.  There are consumers also stating that the Aspen MasterCard has horrible customer service and charges a $4.95/month web payment fee which is unheard of in my book.

I get so many emails and searches on my site for the Aspen MasterCard that I decided to do an investigation about this card.  I searched long and hard in Google and could not find any site that related to the Aspen MasterCard where you could learn about the card.  All I could find was a Ski resort card in Aspen, Colorado which was not related to this card. I hope the above information on the Aspen MasterCard helped out for any of you who had problems with this card that has seemed to disappear without a trace.

If you need immediate attention with this card it is best just to call the number we found since there is no website to be found listing information or email contacts for the card. The customer service number for the Aspen MasterCard is 866-816-6993.

We do recommend some cards that do offer good customer service and do not rip anyone off in our bad credit card listings.

If you feel you were involved in a secured credit card marketing scam either from Aspen MasterCard or another issuer you should immediately report it to the FTC or government agency. Read more about secured credit card scams.