Citi has a Dividend for you with $100 Cash Back plus 5% on Spring Home Improvement!

The latest promotion from Citibank comes a Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card that after spending $500 in purchases you can now earn $100 Cash Back within the first 3 months of the account opening! In addition to enjoying cashback on all purchases and eligible cash advances, there is also no annual fee. If you do not expect to spend $500 in the next three months and maybe only spend around $500 with this card you can get a $100 cash back offer below on the traditional Dividend Card.

There is not much to get excited about with the re-launch of the Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card.  The only thing we can jump up and down about would be the personal savings you could make off of paying utility bills with this card.  This gives you less cash back than the original version of the card in one way but gives you more in some services.   You could get 5 points per dollar spent with the Citi Diamond Preferred.

My advice: Keep the card for 6 months for the 5% savings on your cable bill and electricity bill savings which can be steep during the summer months. This is the only card I found to save you this huge amount on an electricity bill (utility). Cancel the card after 6 months or keep the card for the 2% just on electricity and cable/internet which can amount to big savings.

Balance Transfer Fee: There is now a balance transfer fee with this offer. Hopefully Citibank will figure out they need to bring back the cards that offer no bt fees.

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