The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

frontierairlineswingOne of the quickest ways to earn frequent flyer miles without actually getting into an airplane and flying is through the use of credit cards. Most credit card companies offer products that are embossed with the logo of one or more airlines. These specialty cards are great for earning a quick cache of bonus miles, and they can be used to earn with every purchase. Some airlines deal with multiple banks so travelers can earn multiple bonuses.

One of the major companies that coordinates its brand with airlines to provide a great bonus for users is MasterCard. Among the airlines that MasterCard partners with is Frontier Airlines. The main headquarters of Frontier Airlines is in Denver, Colorado, and from the Mile High City, travelers can travel to just about any section of the lower 48 states and Alaska. Flyers can also reach Jamaica and the Dominican Republic through Frontier flights.

Although Frontier is not the largest carrier, the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard has one of the easiest bonuses to get in the airline credit card industry. With the first purchase a new cardholder makes with the card, 25,000 EarlyReturns frequent flyer miles are deposited into the cardholder’s account. Additional bonuses are not that difficult to earn. For example, an additional bonus of 10,000 EarlyReturns miles accrues if a cardholder uses the card for $750 in purchases in the first three months that the card account is open. Finally, a 10,000 mile bonus is available for balance transfers at 1 mile for each dollar transferred. The final bonus may not be advisable because of the fees associated with balance transfers, but those who choose to transfer the maximum available for the 10,000 mile bonus could potentially have a minimum of 45,750 miles in their account after just three months (45,000 bonus miles plus 750 for the $750 spending requirement).

Another of the benefits of the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard is a 5,000 mile reduction for the redemption of a companion pass. With this reduction, a cardholder could conceivably get two free airline tickets just with the bonuses that are available with a very minimal spending limit because free round-trip flights start at just 20,000 EarlyReturns miles. Two people could possibly get a flight within the continental United States and Alaska for just 35,000 miles. Trips to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico start at just 30,000 miles, and a round-trip flight to Costa Rica costs 60,000 miles. A husband and wife or two friends could each get a card, meet the minimum spend, and then each cash in for a free international flight.

Frequent flyer miles are not the only benefit of the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard. People who choose to transfer balances will get fifteen months interest free on their transfers. Unlike some other programs, travelers with the card still have to pay for checked bags at a $20 per bag clip. Purchases made on Frontier Airlines flights earn two EarlyReturns miles per dollar spent. All other purchases earn one mile per dollar. To earn the 25,000 mile bonus, cardholders must opt for the card that has a $59 annual fee. Those who opt for the no-fee version of the card only get 5,000 miles for the first purchase and up to 10,000 miles for balance transfers. While the bonuses for the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard may not be as lucrative as some other frequent flyer credit cards, those who live close to an airport that have Frontier flights may find the benefits quite useful for their upcoming travel.

Customer Feedback on the Frontier Airlines MasterCard:
“The Barclay Mastercard by Frontier Airlines has been the most unsatisfying card I have ever used. My 40,000 bonus miles were supposed to be posted 5/3/16. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone in a three way call between Early Retuns and Mastercard. Both are rude, their accents are not understandable, and i keep getting disconnected or transferred to someone else who cannot help me. DO NOT GET THIS CARD” -Trevor, PA.