Household Bank Mastercard offering a Premium Black 2% Cash Back Reward Card on Everything

No, you did not hear this on Clark Howard you heard it here first! This is the replacement to the other 2% cards that have died away. This is a full 2% cash back card.

The right credit card gives you excellent rewards and the financial freedom to make purchases anywhere in the world. If you want a credit card backed by one of the world’s leading financial institutions, the Household Bank MasterCard is an excellent option. With more than 9,500 offices in countries all over the world, Household Bank is one of the largest credit providers in the U.S. today.

When you sign up for the Household Bank MasterCard, you receive credit protection that is second to none. If you lose your card while you’re out of town or out of the country, Household Bank offers emergency cash advance and card replacement services that you simply won’t find from other credit card companies. If you’re card is stolen, Household Bank offers an 800 number to report the theft and protects you from any unauthorized usage.

Household Bank’s customer service is also excellent. With a 24-hour hotline and online account access, someone is available to help you around the clock. One of the unique features of this card is the 20-day grace period that is given for new purchases as long as your account is paid in full. Household Bank also provides free additional cards for family members.

Household Bank offers several different credit cards that are ideal for rebuilding damaged credit. You can apply for a secured credit card or a card with a lower credit limit. Many people with damaged credit apply for the Platinum card from Household Bank. The “Cash or Fly” card is also quite popular because it provides you with travel rewards or cash back incentives.

Update:  Household Bank has changed their name over to HSBC since this review. One more update to add to this article is that they have now changed hands to Capital One and no longer offer this card.

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