JCPenney Credit Card

JCPenney has been around longer than credit cards and definately longer than most of us.  This department store chain premiered when a 26 year old named James Cash Penney started a dry goods and clothing store.  This store was named the Golden Rule in 1902.  In 1913, The Golden Rule stores became consolidated and incorporated into one – the J.C. Penney Company.

JCPenney started taking MasterCard and Visa credit cards in 1979. In 1984, Penny’s acquires the First National Bank of Harrington, Delaware, and renames it JCPenney National Bank. With the bank, JCPenney becomes able to issue its own VISA and MasterCard credit cards. This also marked the first year that stores and catalogs began accepting American Express cards in addition to VISA, MasterCard, and the JCPenney credit card.  In 2000, Ratings by Neilsen rate the most popular retail site on the Internet for apparel opening the doors for heavy credit card sales on thier retail cards.

The private issue JCPenney retail card is more popular than its MasterCard but both do offer some savings on first time buys.  The JCPenney credit card offers 10% off your first online or in-store purchase, depending on where you apply for the card.  The two greatest features of this card are 1. Exclusive savings for cardmembers throughout the year, and 2. The 10% initial purchase discount.  You may also use your JCPenney Card at CVS/Pharmacy,, and Eckerds drug stores.  There is no annual fee for this card and payments can be made in person at your local JCPenney department store.

Our Take:  We recommend this card just for the 10% off promo but after that cancel the card and get a card with more long term benefits.  We also advise to stay away from retail store cards unless you just use them for the discounts.

Back to School: JCPenney Plans on using the popularity of the 80’s movie “The Breakfast Club” to show off 6 new brands. Including a new line for teen girls labeled Decree and Dorm Life which features a dorm furnishings collection which may compete with Ikea and Target.

JCPenney’s Tip of the 2010 Holiday Season: If you have a smart phone that can download the Foursquare App then make sure you do that and then check-in at a JCPenney’s location and see if they are offering any discounts or giveaways such as a free pair of jeans. You may be surprised what deals you find this Holiday Season with the Foursquare App.

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