Marriott Rewards Points 2017

Earn_rewards_just_for_postingEarn Marriott Rewards Points on Social Media
Although these points will not extend the life of your other Marriott points this is a great promotion for us big social media users who are on Instagram and Twitter. You basically earn points for interacting with Marriott on social media including a quick 25 points by linking your Twitter and Instagram with just a few clicks. If your earning preference is set to miles you will not earn in this promotion. You can also earn 25 Marriott points for each social media activity you complete, for up 125 Marriott points per day. Find out more at

Improved Marriott Rewards Program Changes:
You now have more options when redeeming points.
1. Cash & points stays
2. Redemption stay credit
3. Points sharing
4. Points advance
We welcome these additions to the Marriott program which make it a little more flexible and comparable to other top loyalty chains. It puts Marriott in tighter competition with leading hotel rewards chains Hyatt and SPG.

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New Partnership with ConnectMiles, the new loyalty program of Copa Airlines
Marriott Rewards announced this August you can now earn miles with ConnectMiles, the new loyalty program from Copa Airlines at more than 4,000 Marriott hotels and resorts in more than 70 countries and territories across the globe. If you are currently a ConnectMiles PreferMember you can get additional benefits for stays at Marriott Hotels and Resorts in Latin America and the Caribbean.

NEW CARD OFFER: Marriott Rewards Credit Card 70,000 Points  after $2,000 Spend

Marriott Rewards are one of the top hotel programs to join mainly because they have so many hotels across the globe.  Marriott Rewards members earn 10 points per $1 spent at Marriott hotels and many other participating hotels, and points can also be earned through various partners including Hertz, Identity Points, Cruises Only, Shop My Way Mall and participating airline rewards programs.  The standard point redemption for hotels for a category 1 only requires 7,500 points for 1 free night. If you plan to stay somewhere such as a Las Vegas Cosmopolitan or a Ritz Carlton that is a category 8 hotel that would require 40,000 points for a free night.  It will also be one of the best hotels or resorts you have booked.

If you redeem rewards points for 4 free hotel nights, you’ll get a 5th bonus night for free.  Marriott Rewards also allows you to redeem your points for PointSavers Hotel Rewards to get free hotel nights for even less points such as the airlines do with Mile Savers.  PointSavers redemption’s start as low as 6,000 points for a category 1 hotel, and you can also get your 5th night free
hen you redeem 4 free PointSavers nights.

The fastest way of course to get Marriott rewards points is to apply for their consumer  and business cards to get free hotel rooms, points, and upgrades.  All of the Marriott Rewards credit cards offer bonus credits towards Elite Marriott Rewards membership status, and you’ll receive additional hotel savings and benefits as a credit member.

Marriott Rewards members who apply for credit cards will earn both the 10 points as a program member and the 3-5 points as a credit card member, so you can earn a total of up to 15 points per $1 spent at Marriott hotels.

Starting January 1, 2016, if the member hasn’t had qualifying activity during the previous 24 months your rewards will now expire thanks to a new policy. Lifetime members will not be affected by this change.

Past Marriott Rewards Review:

With the Marriott Rewards Visa card you can spend 30% less to getMarriott Rewards Contest to your dream vacation faster.  This hotel rewards credit card from Chase is a great card to use for the first year at least until your annual fee comes up. There are a few things that make this card stand out from most hotel rewards credit cards.  Marriott Rewards Visa comes with all the newly advertised Visa Signature benefits. You will also get an upgrade to Silver Elite membership which can get you upgraded rooms and rooms with the benefits of concierge lounges.  This is definitely one rewards card you should have in your wallet because Marriott hotels are everywhere. The Marriott rewards program is our favorite hotel rewards program because they treat you like a celebrity when you book at hotels such as the Renaissance if you are an elite member.

If you already have the above Marriott branded credit card you could upgrade to the one below that offers Smart Chip technology and up to 7 Free Nights to start:

Personally, I tried both of these cards. The first card I had for a year for my 30,000 bonus points when it came due to pay the $30 annual fee I then applied again here for the Marriott Rewards Premier version of the card. The Premier version of the card no longer has an annual fee for the first year so I charged up a few things on it and I automatically get up to seven free nights as a bonus.

The Marriott Rewards program has been one of the most popular frequent stay programs for years. If you are a member of such forums as Flyertalk you will see that the interest in earning hotel stays and elite status in the Marriott program comes easily and above most. Marriott International has over 2,600 lodging properties in 69 different Countries.

How many stays does it take to reach Elite Status with Marriott Rewards? It only takes ten nights stay at any Marriott hotel or signing up for their Visa Card you automatically get Elite Status for a year. Keep in mind with this Silver elite status you get an extra 20% rewards credits for your stays at Marriott hotels and resorts.

How many stays does it take to reach Gold Status? 50 to 74 Nights.