Mosaik MasterCard

If you’re tired of applying for credit cards only to find out they don’t offer you all the features you want or need in a credit card, it’s time to look for other credit options. When you apply for the Mosaik MasterCard from the Bank of Montreal, you can actually customize your card with options for rewards programs, interest rates, and design.

When you apply for the Mosaik MasterCard, the first thing you need to do is select a rewards program. The “Air Miles Reward” program offers air miles with every purchase, discounts and low mileage tickets from West Jet Airlines, and double air miles when you rent a car from National Car Rental. If you’re not a frequent traveler, you can select the cash back reward program instead.

After you select a rewards program, you need to select an interest rate plan. When selecting an interest rate plan, it’s important to consider your spending habits and your payment history. Mosaik offers plans for people who tend to pay off their monthly credit card debt, and plans for people who prefer to leave a balance in order to free up funds for other cost of living expenses.

The final step in customizing your credit card is selecting a design. You can choose a traditional design with the Mosaik MasterCard name and logo, or you can select a special interest card. Many people prefer to order customized cards featuring logos from non-profit organizations, alumni associations, and other groups. While you can change your card plan at any time, it is more difficult to make changes to your card design. In general, design changes can only be made when it’s time to renew your card.

Summary of the Mosaik MasterCard

You can earn miles with the Mosaik MasterCard and fly WestJet for 1,600 Air Miles or less. You may also customize your Mosaik card design and select your interest rate plan. Mosaik MasterCard is issued from the BMO or Bank of Montreal located in Canada. This card is for Canadian residents only.

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