TXU Rewards

If you live in the Texas electrical grid where you have a choice of your energy provider you are most likely eagerly looking for ways to save the most money on your bill. Your loyalty to one particular energy company may not last long if the other comes up with better rewards or better price per kilowatt. There are many options which include Gexa Energy, Reliant Energy, and many, many others. There are more environmental friendly electric companies and then there are the ones we like that give back rewards.

We found back in 2005 that the best deal was to choose Gexa Energy but later found out they are one of the highest electric companies now that they were bought by a Florida company. Gexa Energy gives you American Airlines AAdvantage points for signing up and for each dollar you earn but their monthly fees went up drastically and per kilowatt hour rate went up significantly.

TXU Energy now offers a rewards program but you must pick from their rewards. This program is not a miles or instant cash back program but one where you choose from their options which does not give you much freedom. TXU Rewards work well for those who do not mind paying high energy bills and getting a few rewards on the side but it is not what we recommend.  A closer look into the TXU Rewards program makes it look like a savings program on things like travel, dvd’s, dining, and hotel stays more than a true rewards benefit.

Reliant Energy offers the most bang for your buck out of the Texas utility companies. Reliant gives you AAdvantage miles for signing up then more miles when you are with them for 6 months. They offer cheaper rates than TXU, Gexa, and many others. Furthermore, our choice for the most rewards benefit and best rates would be Reliant Energy.

Reliant is offering a $150 off your energy bill when you sign up using this link. You just need to sign up for a Reliant Energy term plan by December 31, 2016 using referral ID JCZEGC7, and we both get $150 bill credits.

Get the most rewards: If you are a TXU customer sign up for their rewards program.  Redeem your TXU Rewards.  Your next step would be to change electric providers to one that offers lower rates and offers better rewards for your lifestyle.  If AAdvantage miles is not your thing than the TXU Rewards may work bettter but may cost you more in monthly expenses versus other electricity providers.

AAdvantage Miles and Texas Energy Providers
Gexa Energy is my favorite because they give out AAdvantage miles and based my rate at 8.5 cents per kwh. This would be the average price per kwh. They also pay me 1 mile in my American Airlines account for every dollar spent. This is for a 6 month contract and there is a $150 fee if you terminate early. Gexa also has a base charge of $4.79 which is higher than the competitors but it still seems like a better deal.

Reliant gives you AAdvantage miles if you sign up for a Secure 24 plan with 20% wind. You can earn up to 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles enough for a roundtrip travel award. The signup bonus is 7,500 AAdvantage Miles plus you get 500 miles per month for the duration of your term then you get 5,500 miles on your one-year anniversary date. Beware of this offer though because the contract term is 24 months and the rate is higher than Gexa at 11.5 cents per kwh with an additional Oncor surcharge of $3.08. The cancellation fee on this 24 month plan is a whopping $295.