Saving with AAA

How the AAA discount can save you and your family big money on hotel bookings

I may have to rename this site the junk mail site instead of Rewards because I keep bring up things that I receive in my mail. What can be more important that things you get in the mail box or email? The hidden treasures you find in your mail sometimes. When I first moved to Texas I received mail from AAA Texas several times a year. It did not come as often as the Chase Business card offers but its up there with the most aggressive of marketing delivered to my door.

This AAA offer was something that I did not realize could save so much money. I thought it might pay for itself since it was around $39 to join for a year. I do not like the fact you have to renew every year but I decided I would give it a try this year. The first hotel I encountered was the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, which I normally stay at for Starwood points. It saved me $30-$40 a night which basically paid for the membership in one night for the Triple A card.

Not only did I save at Vegas hotels but Ramada saved 10%+ on the weekends. I also noticed significant discounts at other big and small hotels across the US. The Marriott hotel chain also allows a discount with the AAA membership. Make sure you bring your card with you because some hotels verify that you have this membership. I was asked twice at a Ramada hotel and they even made a copy of my card. Some hotels seem to have strict policies and will charge you a higher room rate if you do not present your card in time for checkout.

The bottom line is the AAA Card is definitely worth the annual fee if you travel several times a year or more. I also noticed it really comes in handy when you book a hotel last minute directly on the hotel chains website you can get such a good deal.

I forgot to mention the fact that the AAA membership also pays for roadside assistance as another main benefit. This is not a big deal since most car companies like Infiniti have their own roadside assistance while your car is under warranty. The roadside help was not my main reason for paying for membership.

There are also alternatives to the AAA Card being that it is not the only automobile club. Your insurance company could carry roadside assistance among other companies who you can work with. Better World Club gives owners of hybrids and diesels 15% discounts. Another favorite of mine is the GE Motor Club which offers legal defense reimbursements as well as the hotel and rental car reduced rates.

How much is AAA or GE Motor Club? You can expect to pay $29 to $80 so shop around for the best deal.

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