AAA Visa

Since 1978, the American Automobile Association has been offering Visa credit cards to loyal customers. Local AAA branches offer different credit cards, but all AAA Visa cards feature no annual fees and competitive annual percentage rates. If you visit the official website for AAA, you’ll find contact information for local branches and even an online Visa application form.

Your AAA Visa card is an invaluable tool in planning your next vacation. When you use your AAA Visa to buy “AAA Visa Travel Cheques” and “AAA Visa TravelMoney,” you don’t have to pay a cash advance fee. These credit and cash alternatives are ideal for traveling in foreign countries without having to worry about credit card fraud, identity theft, or stolen wallets.

One of the biggest perks of using the AAA Visa card is the gas rewards program. These days it seems like gas prices rise every week. It’s getting to the point where some people have to plan their daily chores around conserving gas. AAA Visa card holders receive a five percent rebate when they purchase gasoline with their cards.

If you’re thinking about applying for the AAA Visa card, you might want to consider transferring the balance from your other credit cards. Consolidating your credit card debt is a great way to manage or improve your credit history. You can transfer the balance from as many as three different credit cards to your AAA Visa. There is no APR fee for balance transfers made during the first twelve billing cycles for your AAA Visa.

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