Customer Reviews

My favorite Frequent Flyer Mile Credit Card is Citi AAdvantage because with the miles I’ve earned I’m taking several family trips in the next 6 months.  Spending time with my family and being able to attend special occasions is a top priority in my life.  It is even more special to me because I didn’t know my dad and with my cousins’ help I found five sisters and a brother, a niece and nine nephews.  It has been five years since we first met and I’m so grateful for all the love we share and for finding out about my roots.

The first is a trip to Europe where I’ll meet my sister in London.  Her son (my nephew) is going to school in Oxford and will be our tour guide in London, Oxford, and Manchester.  We are also visiting Edinburgh.  After eight days of touring England and Scotland it’s off to Bern, Switzerland where we will visit my younger sister and tour the surrounding areas.

At the end of September I’m flying to Cali, Colombia to spend time with mom’s side of the family.  Mom is going with me and also using her miles.  I will then fly to the beautiful city of Cartagena where my nephew is getting married in October.  The first event I attended was his college graduation in 2003.

As if that wasn’t enough, my aunt is turning 90 in January so I’m going back to Cali to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.

I’m grateful that the Citi AAdvantage allows me the opportunity to do all these family trips and is a terrific way to accrue miles faster when I purchase travel tickets with American Airlines and use the Citi AAdvantage credit card for my purchases.  I take advantage of the bonus miles and that’s how I’m able to enjoy all these trips which I would be able to make if I had to pay for an airline ticket especially now that airfares are higher.  The latest bonus is opening a checking account with Citibank which provides me an opportunity to earn miles when I have to use an debit card.

Thank you AAdvantage.

Gilda G.