Storm batters Abu Dhabi causing suspended flights and airport flooding

Rare_storm_batters_Abu_DhabiThe United Arab Emirates turned nasty Wednesday as a massive storm whipped through the desert nation, causing damage throughout the capital, Abu Dhabi. The downpour quickly overmatched the drainage systems according to CNN leaving motorists stranded in standing water on city streets.

The storm, which contained strong winds, frequent lightning and even some hail, caused all flights to be suspended Wednesday at Abu Dhabi International Airport and disruptions at Dubai airport. Wind gusts reached hurricane strength — 75 mph (120 kilometers per hour) — at nearby Al Bateen Executive Airport. Emirates flights to Chicago and Seattle were some of the flights canceled today.

While the UAE airports look amazing on the outside and inside deep down they are still third world with no regulated roofing for protection for travelers. The Middle East does not seem too prepared to handle rain as these storms have caused part of the roof to collapse at Abu Dhabi Airport today:

Rain wreaks havoc in Abu Dhabi

Rain wreaks havoc in Abu Dhabi causing flight cancellations and airport damage

Posted by RewardsCards on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Several events were cancelled or suspended for the day, including Abu Dhabi Expo and Dubai Canvas festival activities.