Advanta Business Card for Online Marketers and eBay Sellers

dvanta has a new business card out that was supposed to make us all jump up and down if we are in the web business.  The new Advanta business card for internet marketers, SEO’s, and anyone who runs a small business including Ebay.  The word is small business because it must be really small if they expect you to only spend $1,200 a year on internet related purchases such as webhosting. They only pay 5% cash back on hosting, PPC, gas, office supplies, among other things until you spend $1,200 then it goes down to the measly 1% rate that you can get with thousands of other business cards.  So what makes this card different?

Nothing makes this card more appealing for those of us looking to get more money back on our big advertising spends online.  IF you wish to save big on Yahoo PPC then I recommend that you use the OPEN from American Express where they pay 5% back on your purchases online.  Use the AMEX Simply Cash card and you get your office supplies at 5% unlimited where this Advanta card limits you to 1200 a year spend.

Webhosting for a site can be 1200 alone for some sites and maybe 130 a year or so for smaller shared servers.  Add up a month of PPC at Yahoo at $100, Google at $200, MSN at $100 and you have around $530 a month for a fairly small internet business owner.  IF you fill your car up with gas that is $4.00 a gallon making the total up to 710 then you will hit the two month maximum of the annual spend within two months.  Therefore, you would only get two months at the 5% running one website and PPC campaigns and a few tanks of gas.

These would all be your bonus qualifying purchases.  After that they would go down to only 1 percent with unlimited cash back in which you get mailed to you in increments of fifty bucks each.

Cash Back rewards are earned based on your annual level of Net Purchases, excluding Bonus Qualifying purchases, as follows: .25% on up to $3,000 in purchases; .50% on purchases between $3,000.01 and $5,000; .75% on purchases between $5,000.01 and $15,000; and 1% on purchases in excess of $15,000.