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Charming_small_house_Holmenkollen_in_OsloIf you have not heard of AirBnB or not tried it yet the service is basically staying at a stranger’s house instead of a hotel. Sounds strange at first but you can find really cool unique places to stay and most of the people who do it are totally legit, clean, and respectable. Plus it’s the sharing economy instead of a basic hotel that is in a touristy area. There are 100s of thousands of available places from apartments and houses to castles, treehouses and boats in more than 34,000 cities boasting 550,000 rooms globally.

Here’s $40 in AirBnB Travel credits if anyone wants to give it a try for the first time and let me know what you think of AirBnB in the comments.  Plus Earn up to $100 for everyone you invite.

AirBnb Promotions
AirBnb Is your Best Best in Cuba

AirBnb announced a promotion on Twitter this past week so only travelers that had already booked could take advantage of the deal. Airbnb will cover the entire stay of travelers that qualify, in the form of a refund.

The U.S. embassy re-opened in Cuba on Monday after being closed since 1961. Airbnb launched in Cuba in April and has more than 2,000 properties listed with 40% in Havana, the largest city. AirBnb said Cuba has become one of the most searched for destinations in Latin America among Americans, trumping Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. Travel companies are also paying attention to the increased interest in travel to Cuba as Carnival recently announced it’s looking to do a cruise to Cuba and JetBlue is now offering weekly charter flights from New York City to Havana. The flights seem expensive so far until more competition develops but at least you can get a fairly cheap room.

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About AirBnb
Airbnb is a person-to-person vacation rental and guest hosting network that offers a $25 credit to new members and up to $100 in credits to current members through the Airbnb referral program. Participate in the Airbnb Referral Program to earn free bonus credits when you rent out your extra space or book unique accommodations around the world.

The App or online website allows you to book or rent out any type of accommodations such as a spare bedroom, empty apartment, or an entire house as well as unique properties like a houseboat. It’s a great way for you to monetize your extra space or to enjoy a unique experience when you travel.