American Express Membership Rewards has great travel benefits

The American Express Membership Rewards current promotion is with AeroMexico but last year they gave a 30% redemption bonus to British Airways Avios which was phenomenal. Right now you can receive a 20% transfer bonus when you transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to AeroMexico Club Premier Miles. For example, if you transfer 1,000 MR points you’d receive 1,200 AeroMexico Club Premier Miles. This offer is only valid until March 6th, 2015. If you are looking for that flight to Mexico City you better act fast!

Our Consumer Take on the Membership Rewards Program
These days more and more creditors are realizing that keeping their customers happy is about more than extending them credit. With so many credit card companies offering credit cards, competition among these companies becomes fierce. Card companies have come up with a new way of creating customer loyalty – through offering rewards to cardholders just for using the credit card. American Express, which first became famous for traveler’s cheques and charge cards, now offers membership rewards for cardholders of charge cards and revolving credit cards.

With the American Express membership rewards program, cardholders earn points that can be redeemed for various rewards. Each time you use your American Express card, you earn one point for every dollar you spend.

Although there are other credit cards that offer similar rewards for purchases, the American Express rewards membership presents some unique advantages. There is no expiration date on the points you accumulate. As long as you have points you are able to use them, no matter how much time passes. Even better, there is no maximum limit on the number of points that a cardholder can earn. If you spend a million dollars using your card, you can earn – and redeem – a million points.

Cardholders have the opportunity to earn additional points for their purchases. American Express membership rewards you with double the number of points for using your card at certain locations. When you use your card at the supermarket, drugstore, gas station, United States Postal Service, or to pay your cell phone bill you earn two points, instead of one, for every dollar you spend. Double points are also earned whenever you use American Express online to make travel arrangements.

At various times throughout the year, American Express allows cardholders to earn bonus points for using the card at select locations. Your monthly statement will contain an insert with information about these bonus opportunities. You can also be informed of these opportunities by signing up for email alerts or by checking the American Express website periodically.

You can redeem your rewards points at anytime through the American Express website. There, you can shop for rewards the same way you shop for clothes on a clothing website.

You have several options for using your rewards. Use them to take that trip you’ve been dreaming about or to shop for items for yourself or a loved one. Reward points can also be redeemed for movie tickets, concert tickets, restaurant gift certificates, and more.