American Express offers special shopping site for cardholders

American Express is offering exclusive savings every day now with Daily Wish offers. One example is on December 17, 2009, you will have the chance to buy a 2010 BMW 328i for only $16,838 with an MSRP of over $33,675.  On December 2nd they are offering a $100 back at Target when you spend $200 with 500 of these available.  The problem is someone else will likely snatch these before you can because their site and offers are hard to navigate.

You may be better off using an American Express card at special online malls.

In past years they offered other popular site deals for the Holidays. was hit hard with traffic on Tuesday, November, 29, 2005, whenAmerican Express decided to sell 37-inch plasma television sets for $750, saving cardholders almost $2,500. Plasma TV’s for under $800 are definitely something to brag about with the family over the Christmas dinner.

The “My Life My Card” site deals are good for American Express cardholders only but was so popular that the site was down due to high demand and high capacity.  If you own an American Express card you may want to check out this site to find some good Christmas time deals because everyday these items are going fast and are great bargains.

Some of the items on the American Express holiday shopping site include a marked down espresso machine for $300 and a Range Rover for $5,000.  Keep in mind there is limited supply on these items.  There are only three Range Rovers and limited espresso machines.  American Express will be running these type of deals throughout December 16.

Also on the big Christmas shopping discount bandwagon a few years back was now bankrupt Circuit City and CompUSA.  Circuit City is hosting 5-hour sales with deeply discounted electronics.  Be sure to sign up at the websites for each holiday retailer you are interested in and get an American Express Card and browse their site for ways to get in on the holiday specials. Most of these deals are far better than any cyber Monday or Black Friday you see advertised.

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My Life My Card – City Cards from American Express

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