Amway Global Visa Credit Card

In the entrepreneurial world, it is unusual to get a business credit card without having established a business. Normally, you would have to get a business license then apply for the card through the bank. However, with the Amway Global Visa credit card you get the best of both worlds. Why? It’s because you are getting a credit card that is automatically linked to Amway, one of the most successful network marketing firms in the United States.

So, how does the Amway Global Visa work? Well, like many other credit cards you start off with an introductory 0% APR. This means you won’t get charged interest for around 12 billing cycles, (or approximately 12 months depending on how you pay your expenses). As a result you’ll have a longer period of time to use the card for business purposes whether it’s buying Amway products or buying marketing services to help promote your enterprise.

When the introductory period is over you will have to pay between 8.24% to 18.24% APR. This is a little high, but remember if you pay off the card during the introductory period you won’t have to worry about paying your expenses at this rate. Also remember that even if you go past the introductory period, you have the option of paying off the card before you’re charged the higher APR, (like other credit cards out there).

As far as Amway itself, it is a business that has over a dozen different brands of merchandise you can sell. For instance, if you’re into nutrition, you could sell health food from their Nutrilife brand. If you’re into skin care, you can sell from their Tolsom brand. Ultimately, the list of items you have to sell are endless, making the network marketing process much more fun, lively and free.

In terms of specific network marketing strategies, you have a large array of options, (especially with the Amway Global Visa Credit Card)… you just have to think outside of the box. For instance, say you wanted to promote vitamins from their Nutralife brand. They will help you set up a website through which you could use Internet marketing to sell their wares. From there, you can use Google Adwords or another pay-per-click program to help promote the products. That’s where you can use your credit card. What would happen is you would pay for the Internet exposure, (in the form of clicks or traffic), and then you would wait and see if you get a sale. If you get a sale then you can use the proceeds from the sale to pay off your credit card balance.

Do this successfully and you will make a profit while avoiding any APR concerns.

In conclusion, the Amway Global Visa credit card can be a powerful monetary resource for those who don’t have the money to start Amway on their own. And, if you’re still deciding what business you should start, the Amway Global card will help you find the answer… Amway. Very few if any network marketing companies in today’s time could hold such a claim.