Use Apple Pay at ExxonMobil Gas stations

speedpass-applepayExxonMobil rolled out a new service for 6,000 locations today allowing you to pay faster at the pump without having to look through your wallet for a physical credit card. They will start accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment but they won’t be tap-to-pay, unlike the experience at almost every other point-of-sale system that works with Apple Pay. With these gas stations, Apple Pay will be integrated into Exxon’s existing Speedpass+ app, which is free to download and uses your geolocation to pull up local pumps.

How Apple Pay works at ExxonMobil:

A customer drives up to the pump. Then enters the pump number within the Speedpass+ app. You will then and use a thumbprint to authorize payment through Apple Pay.

Earn Rewards Easy
This is a great alternative to the Speedpass key tag which is a “touchless“ payment device that links to your existing credit or debit card. This is a physical keyring device where you can pay at the pump or in-store at participating Exxon- and Mobil-branded service stations. You needed to do this to link it to Plenti and earn rewards. You should now be able to earn rewards using the app with the Apple Pay. Gas retail competitor Shell has a rewards program that is similar but you have to use a card or enter the member number. We hope Shell gas stations upgrade to the Apple Pay in their Fuel Rewards Program.

This comes at a time when gas stations are changing over to EMV chip cards which can be more hassle than a basic swipe-and-go card. The Speedpass+ could prove to be faster than the EMV chip card in some cases (we are hoping). It could also be slower having to pull up an app and using your phone’s network to connect with the pump. From a rewards standpoint it’s so much better. Standing outside at a gas station fumbling through your wallet for cards is sometimes dangerous so this is a great alternative to showing every person asking for money outside how much cash is in your wallet.

This is not available at all ExxonMobil locations they plans to extend support of Apple Pay to 8,000 locations by mid year.