Avoid Baggage Fees Plus Free Luggage with One Catch!

luggage_as_billboard_jpgOrion Travel Technology will provide you with a free 2-piece luggage set and pay your airline round-trip baggage fees in exchange for placing ads on your bags. The travelers would then be carrying around a marketing billboard around the world which is great for marketers, and receiving free luggage and baggage fees covered.

This is one of the first Travel Companies that gives back to its customers by offering them free baggage fees while traveling on commercial Airlines such as Southwest. They have also developed the world’s first mobile traveling billboard luggage trolley with a front and back advertising wrap that is molded into the plastic.

These luggage advertising campaigns are not limited to air travel but also geared to trains, cruise ships, buses, ferries, cars, and trucks. One good thing but could also be a big brother thing is that Orion luggage has a GPS tracking device and onboard alert system that contacts owners via a phone app when your luggage has been opened and tampered with. They will of course be tracking where you are all of the time.

Orion Travel Technology is offering a FREE TRIAL for 6 months per person. You can get the following in this free trial:
Free 2-Piece Luggage Set
Free 1 Round Trip of Baggage Fees Paid by Orion Travel Tech
To sign up head over to OrionTravelTech’s website and apply for 6 months of free membership today.

luggage free baggage fees_

You have to wonder about the sponsors who are paying for the ads on some of the luggage being towed around the globe. Brands are normally very picky on the person who is “pushing their product” around in your face and doubt they will just let anyone be seen as part of their image. We would be the same way not wanting to push around a certain brand. For example, if I have luggage that says Southwest Airlines on it and my flight is on American Airlines. That would be highly embarrassing to me.  No perks at the desk when I check into that flight. Not that I would really get any anyway.

The highlights of the paid Orion Travel Club and Rewards Program which is under $20 annually after the free trial period ends range from a few baggage fees paid to 4 free skins. After the 6-month free trial period it goes up to $19.95 a year. If you are one of the first million sign-ups and you most likely will be judging from the INDIEGOGO page then you will not have to worry about paying anything for all of these benefits and more:
Up to 5 Round Trip Baggage Fees Paid
Receive 4 more free skins per year
Travel Awards Discounts to premium 4 stars hotels
Save up to 40% on Travel Insurance if interrupted via medical or other unseen circumstances other than mother nature
Save up to 50% on Death Benefit Insurance if you die during your vacation

While we are impressed with the concept of advertising and luggage coming together to make a worldwide entrance on the great travel stage we are not impressed with the $20 charge after six months. Then again that is after the first million people have signed up. So the best thing to do is to sign up in February 2016 when they launch this service and be a lifetime member.