Bad Credit Credit Cards

We have selected the best “bad credit cards” from many card categories including: Catalog Cards, Prepaid Cards, also known as secured credit cards. We also have less-than-perfect cards like the unsecured Total Visa listed below. You will also find a unsecured credit card that can help you in the process of rebuilding your credit..  We feel that if you have suffered from bad credit that you will want to get a card that reports to the credit agencies that way you will pay your bills on time and in effect repair your damaged credit.  If your credit is in horrible condition then we first recommend a secured card or a catalog card that will help you get your score high enough to obtain an unsecured visa (this may take years but it is a start). We suggest the Prime Mutual Card (formerly Express Gold card) as our favorite bad credit card because it does not charge a high upfront deposit/fee than most cards in this category. This card ends up being more economical for some people struggling with bad credit and do not have the cash to put upfront.

Worried about your credit rating before you apply for a unsecured credit card on our site? You can actually get your credit score for FREE online.