Bank of America Add it Up program

In today’s economy, every penny really does count. Bank of America understands this, and thus, they are offering a new cash rebate program that can help folks earn as much as 20% back in cash rebates for one’s online purchases. The following includes some basic information about the Bank of America Add It Up program and what it can offer an individual.

The Bank of America Add It Up program centers around giving folks cash rebates on the things they buy via the program’s shopping network. This network often has promotional discounts and deals. You can find a diverse array of vendors: everyone from Target to Victoria’s Secret and Best Buy is involved with this program. In fact, the cash rebates on the Bank of America shopping network are available from or 270 businesses or merchants.

Some businesses will sometimes offer incentives to use this service. For example, some merchants will offer to double the cashback or rebates you earn if you use invest in their goods and services. Thus, it pays to do your research about which company or merchant offers what rates or rebates. Similarly, many merchants are offering discounts and coupons through the Bank of America Add It Up shopping network. Thus, it pays to do a little research before you complete your transactions.

To enroll in this cash rebate program, one must have a Bank of America checking account and a check card or one should have a credit card account with the bank. Additionally, individuals will need to be signed up with the organization’s online banking service. Small business credit card customers can not use such cards for the program nor can residents of Washington and Idaho. If your card is already linked to Upromise or TripRewards, you may not be eligible for the Add It Up program.

If you meet the above qualifications, you will need to register for the program. To do this, visit the bank’s website for the program, select the checking account or credit card you want your rewards to be deposited in, and be sure to use your Bank of America check or credit card when shopping on the Add It Up network. In no time at all, you will quickly see the rewards roll into your account.

Once you start shopping via this network, your purchases or transactions will show up about 20 days later. You will receive payments on a monthly basis, near or around the 25th day of the month. You will need to earn $5 in rebates to have this money transferred to your account. If the amount you have earned is less than this, your earnings will roll over until they are $5 or more.

With this program, you can find everything from dry cleaning services to department, clothing, electronics, and office supply stores. Thus, if you know that you need certain items, the Bank of America Add It Up program can help you hunt down such items and help you earn some much needed cash rebates.