Be Careful When Bidding for an “Upgrade” with Virgin America

I was falling in Love with Virgin America but now they are more of a one-night stand or one-hit wonder. I even bought stock in the company under the ticker VA. I am now losing all faith in the airlines.

Update: They updated my status match without telling me for some reason unless I lost the email to spam somehow. Virgin America is still my favorite airlines 🙂
I got kind of suspicious when they advertised their status match and yet you see many people just like me who tried to match with American Airlines and never hear anything back. I have resent the email three times now since September and contacted them via Twitter still nothing has been done. That’s fine its a luxury I can live without. Although this would have at least helped me in my current “upgrade” for a real “upgrade” I cannot fathom someone bidding for an upgrade to Main Cabin Select. It is beyond me. I can understand additional when booking the far or perhaps if they still have some open after the booking but bidding as if its some in-demand seat is outrageous unless its for $20 more. There is no way I would have pay $90 more if I would have known.

I got an email that asked me to bid for an upgrade on my flight coming up from LAX to DFW. I thought it was for an upgrade not just moving up the main cabin. I was on my phone and not reading all the fine print so then today I got an email saying I was “upgraded” to main cabin select”. Oh. and it is for the middle seat as the window or aisle was not available What I had to pay $90 to sit in a middle seat from the seat that I already had was just a few rows back? This is an upgrade? I would think that by Texas law we would have 24 hours to be able to stop such a charge. I will have to look into it more.

Why would an airline even bother with Main Cabin Select seating. It does nothing that great to warrant the added expense and of course they had middle seats available up there. I have not yet been on a Virgin America flight that had all the Main Cabin Select seats full. If I were the airline I would rip out that area and make that a business class and take out the middle seats.

I now regret paying $150 for my Virgin America Platinum Card because I doubt I will fly this airline again after these heartbreaking experiences. I looked over at Consumer Affairs and it looks like I am not the only one with complaints. They are rated below AeroMexico and American Airlines… and British Airways.

Make sure you pay close attention when bidding for upgrades with Virgin America because you may not be happy with what they consider an upgrade. A middle seat a few rows ahead of where I was sitting for someone who has long arms is NOT what I had anticipated.

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