The Best of the Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One offers a variety of reward cards with interesting and practical reward points offerings, depending upon your needs and lifestyle. These cards are an especially good choice if you don’t carry a balance on your credit card, allowing you to reap the benefits without incurring high interest charges. You should choose a card that allows you to accumulate miles or points relatively quickly based on your usual spending pattern or opt for a classic cash back reward.

Travelers should consider the possibilities of airline miles or additional points on purchases (up to three points per dollar spent at Orbitz). Airline miles rewards cards are available for those with excellent credit, offering double miles on every dollar spent in the billing cycle over $1000, good credit with a higher interest rate, but 1.25 miles per dollar spent and for professionals. The No Hassle Miles Ultra card does require an annual fee; however, it offers two airline miles for every dollar spent. No hassle miles can be used on any airline at any time, without blackout dates.

If you use a credit card to organize your spending, you might consider the No Hassle Cash Rewards card. This card offers 2% cash rewards on gas and grocery purchases if you have excellent credit. Assuming you pay your card off monthly, the savings offered by this reward could add up. Rewards are the same if your credit is good rather than excellent; however, the interest rates are higher.

While it’s an unusual rewards card, the MTV branded Visa offered by Capital One might be good if you spend more on entertaining, restaurants and fun. With a reasonable 16.9% variable APR and a good credit requirement, this card pays 5 points per dollar for every dollar spent on entertainment and 2 per dollar for every dollar spent on restaurants. An additional 25 points are rewarded each billing cycle that you pay on time. Clearly marketed toward young singles, this card might suit your lifestyle. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise.

If a low interest rate is your top priority and you have excellent credit, the Capital One Platinum Prestige card offers an 11.9% variable interest rate with an introductory 0% rate on purchases and balance transfers. This could be a good option if you need to finance a major purchase for a short period of time or pay down higher interest debt quickly without incurring additional interest charges.