Beware of this PNC Points Business Credit Card

PNC_Bank_Visa_Business_Credit_CardNothing is worse in rewards schemes than devaluations after you sign up or to see that your points magically redeem for less than half of their value. While PNC Bank is not as popular as Chase, Discover, and American Express they seem to get away with ripping their business customers off with these worthless rewards redemptions. This is one of the worst examples of a fraudulent claim on rewards since the U.S. Bank Edge Business Visa. We really do not know how it’s possible they can get away with this with such deceiving advertising. It goes to show you always have to read the fine print and study the rewards malls and redemption areas before applying for a credit card.

The claim from the PNC Points Visa Business Credit Card is 5% for ALL purchases, unlimited. You can see it here at ( We will not be linking to this worthless card.

A friend of mine messaged me saying “It looks like the Disney magic act. 50,000 points for $100. lol. That’s very deceptive. Rip off… deceptive to say you earn 5points per dollar.” We totally agree with this because when you sign up for a card and work to spend $3,000 on that particular card that is like an investment to get the bonus of say 25,000 points. You then would expect 25k on the PNC cardto redeem for 1:1 but there is a major catch.

We went over to the rewards mall and $100 check was 50,000 points. Should be 10,000
25k points should = $250 after 3k spend. Such a rip-off.

We did find one good thing to say about this Business Credit Card from PNC. You can get an introductory 0% APR for the first 9 billing cycles following account opening on purchases and balance transfers. Special limited time offer ends 6/30/2016.

PNC Claims: Earn 5 Points for Every $1 Spent
There is no limit to the number of points you can earn on qualifying purchases.
Reality: 5,000 Points do not equal $5 when it comes time to redeem.