Biodegradable Credit Card Makes Everyday Earth Day

Biodegradable products are the way of the future. With so many disposable items filling up landfills, is it any wonder that credit card companies like Discover are teaming up and finding ways to combat wastefulness? Ecologically sound because it is designed to break down within five years in landfill conditions, the Discover More Card is receiving rave reviews from environmentalists and economists alike. The smart way to earn Cashback on purchases and at the same time save the planet, the no annual fee card will help its customers in saving green by adopting a green lifestyle. Whether used online or at one of the thousands of retailers who accept Discover, this credit card allows its users freedom and low percentage rates wherever they may go.

Members can also enjoy exclusive rewards by increasing or even doubling up on Cashback offers and using their points to purchase gift cards online. With a low introductary APR of 0%, men and women can transfer balances from other cards and save big. No annual fee and an ethical design make the biodegradable Discover More Card irrestible in the eyes of the consumer. Lightweight, secure, and portable, the card makes sense in today’s world and fragile environmental conditions.

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