Scan Receipts with this Stackable App

The list is growing long for us grocery shoppers who keep our receipts or take time to scan them and earn rewards. We have many apps available such as Ibotta and now we have another you can stack with it while you have your receipts out to scan. If you haven’t signed up for Ibotta then do so here and get a bonus.

The Fetch Rewards App is a free mobile app that gives you cash back for taking pictures of your grocery receipts. The main difference between Fetch Rewards and other receipt scanning apps is that it doesn’t matter where you buy your product. Ibotta requires you to buy a specific product at a specific store.

The Fetch Rewards app only requires you to buy a specific product. As long as your offer appears on a receipt at any grocery store, you’re going to earn cash back for it. You also get 25 points for ANY receipt from grocery stores.

What we like about this app compared to the other grocery shopping apps is that it recommends other brands you would have made more money on when you scan the receipt for the next time you go shopping. For example, I bought Starbucks coffee and it tells me I could’ve earned more points on Maxwell House. Although I still made points for scanning the receipt.

How To Earn Gift Cards Using Fetch Rewards

1. Sign Up For An Account
As with all point reward apps and websites, you can’t earn if you haven’t joined. Go to the app store on your smartphone and download the free Fetch Rewards app. Once downloaded enter your information, including my referral code QG4YH. When you enter the referral code, you will receive 2,000 points when you scan and complete your first receipt. That is enough points to bring you halfway to your first $3 gift card cash out–making it worthwhile.

Take Advantage Of Special Offers
Under the “Special Offers” tab within the Fetch Rewards app, you will find a current listing of offers that provide relatively high point values. For instance, when I wrote this you could earn 1500 points for buying any two namebrand hair care products. To get the full details of these special offers, simply touch the “offer” box and a new screen will appear that shares all the details of that offer.

How To Earn Gift Cards Using Fetch Rewards

2. Any Receipt Earns Points. Fetch now gives you points for every grocery receipt you update. You do earn more points though if your receipt contains brands from their list.

Bonus Points: Search Through The List Of Brands After Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip:
Currently, there are over 160 different brands available to earn rewards through in the Fetch Rewards app. These are primarily brands that sell grocery and personal product items. All are name brands such as Degree, Axe, Gatorade, Heinz, and Kraft.

3. Upload Your Receipt
Knowing that you have a qualifying item on your receipt, hit the “scan” tab at the bottom of the app and follow the instructions.

An example is one qualifying brand was a stick of Axe deodorant and it was for 750 points plus the receipt of 25 points.

The second time I used the app my only qualifying items was $2.99 box of Captain Crunch which earned a 1,000 receipt scan bonus plus 29 points for the cereal. Essentially this means I earned $1.02 for my few seconds worth of effort to scan and verify the receipt.

Those two trips plus the 2,000 points I earned for entering my friend’s referral code at sign up were more than enough to claim my first Amazon code.

How To Earn Gift Cards Using Fetch Rewards

4. Claim Your Reward
As you can see by my example, it is possible to earn your first cash out with Fetch Rewards in as little as two shopping trips.

Fetch Rewards makes claiming and redeeming your reward simple. In the app, press the “rewards” tab at the bottom of the screen. You can then pick out your reward either by “category” or by “points.” I find it easier to search by points. Simply press the 3K option to cash out 3,000 points for a $3 reward or the 5K option to cash out 5,000 points for a $5 reward and so on. Fetch Rewards offers cash out values all the way up to 50,000 points for a $50 reward.

There are dozens of different types of gift cards available including those for Amazon, Walmart, Itunes, Panera Bread, Dunkin’ Donuts, Whole Foods and more.

Once you pick a reward, a code will be sent to your email box with instructions of how to cash in your gift card. So far I have cashed out for Amazon gift card codes and the whole process from picking out my reward in the app, to receiving my email, to adding it to my Amazon account has taken under five minutes. I would assume the process would vary depending on what gift card you choose.

Starbucks Visa Card Review: Get 2,750 Stars Signup Bonus

Starbucks Visa Card Review: Get 2,750 Stars Signup Bonus

The leaked Chase Starbucks Visa card is now live for applications. Here’s a review of the card.

In case you are new to the Starbucks rewards program here’s a summary: All Starbucks Gold members get 2 stars per $1 spent at Starbucks. Get a free drink or food item after reaching 125 stars ($62.50 in spend). More in-depth post here on the program.

The New Starbucks Visa Card Offers these rewards:

  • Get instant Gold status on the Starbucks loyalty program which typically takes 300 stars ($150 in spend) to reach
  • Earn 1 star per $4 spent everywhere outside Starbucks (free item after $500 in spend)
  • Earn 1 star per $1 spent on Starbucks purchases only when reloading your Starbucks balance via the app (if you pay directly at Starbucks you’ll earn the regular earn rate of 1/$4). The 1 star per $1 earned on Starbucks app reloads is in addition to the standard 2 stars per dollar earned by Gold members on all purchases. In total, you’ll end up with 3 stars per dollar, but again, the credit card is only adding 1 star extra per dollar.
  • 8 Barista Picks: Curated food or beverage Rewards selected by baristas and automatically loaded to the cardmembers Starbucks Rewards account. These are random picks that get sent to you, not something you can choose. This benefit will load to your account 45 days after becoming a cardmember and will reset each cardmember year. Barista picks expire after 30 days.

Signup Bonus

  • Earn 2,500 stars (20 free drinks) after spending $500 within the first 3 months
  • Earn 250 stars (2 free drinks) when using the Starbucks Visa card to load your Starbucks card in the app for the first time

The Starbucks Stars program comes with a 6-month expiration on stars, and this expiration is the same for credit card holders. This is especially important to keep in mind with regards to the signup bonus since you’ll have to use up all 22 free items within 6 months. The good thing about this is that you can keep points from expiring by using this card and topping off rewards like we do with airline and hotel points.

Starbucks stars can be used for almost any free item – it’s not limited to a drink. Our suggestion is to find the most expensive food item from Starbucks which could be an $8 or so Turkey sandwich and use it for that! A typical drink runs under $5, so keep that in mind when determining the value of the rewards program.

Small Print

The Chase Starbucks Visa card is not available to current cardmembers or previous cardmembers of this credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this credit card within the last 24 months. This is not possible now because this is a new card. Unknown whether the 5/24 rule applies to this card. This rule basically says you cannot get most cards from the Chase portfolio if you have too many applications or other cards.

You can use the card now in the app, but…!

Upon approval, you’ll be able to use a digital version of the credit card immediately in the Starbucks app (but not elsewhere).

Card comes with standard Chase card benefits like purchase protection, extended warranty, price protection, and car rental insurance.

Should you get the card?

The $49 annual fee is shocking because it really doesn’t do too much unless you really want to feel like you belong to Starbucks.  If a card charges an annual fee you should get benefits such as a free hotel night. A $49 annual fee with the IHG card can get you a free night stay at a Holiday Inn. The card also has foreign transaction fees and that makes no sense because they are such an international business.

Looking at the earnings on the card it’s not too bad but if you put in the annual fee it’s not impressive. The value comes to less than 1% back on everyday spend, and it’s slightly over 3% back on Starbucks purchases. To maximize the value of the card it would come to a valuation of 2% everywhere ($500 spend gets $10 sandwich at Starbucks) and 8% at Starbucks ($125 spend gets $10 sandwich).

This was a pretty hyped card which was leaked last year to include such a high annual fee. Starbucks is a brand that people obsess with such as Apple but you have to be a pretty ill informed shopper to actually pay a fee for this card.

How You Can Request Mileage Credit From Past Flights

My brother recently discovered airline miles and was discussing at Christmas that he had no idea he could get miles for all of the flights he took that were paid under his employer.  He has missed out basically on thousands of miles the he could’ve received for free.  If you’re in the same situation or are in the need to find a way to request mileage credit on the major U.S. airlines that are missing or want them added from past flights then we have the solution.

Some examples of retroactive credits of miles are:

  • Missing Miles: The miles from a flight you took do not appear in your frequent flyer account after a certain period of time.
  • Newbie: You register a frequent flyer account after a flight you take and would like to earn the miles from that flight.
  • Oops: You did not add your frequent flyer account information to your reservation before your flight and would like to earn the miles from that flight.

Tip: In order to minimize the chances of needing to retroactively request mileage credit, register for a frequent flyer account before your flight. It’s always best to do this   before you book the ticket then you’ll have the number to add to your reservation. This can be done online or at the check-in desk at the airport. Note that you can choose to credit the miles from your flight to one of the airline’s partners. A handy guide lets you pick which airline to register for a frequent flyer account on that airline.

1. United Frequent Flyer Accounts

Flights on United

Miles from flights on United typically post to United frequent flyer accounts within 48 hours. If they have not posted after five days, you can submit a request for the miles by submitting your 13-digit ticket number at this link. You can find the ticket number on the e-ticket receipt email you received when your ticket was issued (not the email confirming your ticket purchase). Ticket numbers for United flights usually begin with 016.

It’s important to note that if you register a United frequent flyer account after your flight, you must request the miles for that flight within 30 days of the flight in order for the miles to be credited to that account. If it has been between 30 days and 6 months since the flight, you can request mileage credit for a fee of $50. Whether or not this is worth it depends on how you personally value United miles.

Flights on Partner Airlines

For flights on Star Alliance or other partner airlines, miles will usually post to United frequent flyer accounts within 15 days after the flight. If the miles have not posted after this point, you can request mileage credit by submitting your 13-digit ticket number, same as above. One exception is intra-Japan flights on ANA, as these do not have a ticket number. For these flights, simply enter 2050000000000. If the system cannot locate your partner airline ticket, it will request other information – all of this information can be found on your boarding pass, so we advise holding onto your boarding pass for some time after your flight.


You can earn United miles from rides on Amtrak. These can also be requested once it has been more than 15 days since your trip. To do so, you’ll need to send a message through this Contact MileagePlus link; choose “Mileage Credit” as the subject. You will need to submit your ticket receipt and the ticket itself.

Hotels, Rental Cars and Other Partners

For hotels and rental cars, mileage credit requests are accepted after eight weeks. This link provides information on how to request credit from each hotel and rental car partner. Requesting mileage credit for a rental car or hotel reservation can even reactivate expired United miles in your account! If the reservation is from before the date your miles expired and the miles for the reservation have not already posted to your United account, requesting mileage credit for the reservation will reactivate the expired miles.

2. American Frequent Flyer Accounts

Flights on American

Miles from flights on American typically post to American frequent flyer accounts within 2 business days. If they do not, you can request mileage credit by filling out the form on this link. Note that you can only request credit for flights taken within the past 12 months. Conveniently, you can request mileage credit for other passengers on your itinerary on the form as well rather than needing to fill out a separate form for each passenger; the miles will be credited to their American frequent flyer accounts. If you do not have an American frequent flyer account, you can register one to earn mileage credit for flights taken within the prior 30 days.

Flights on Partner Airlines

You can request mileage credit for flights on OneWorld partners using the same link as above. However, you can only request mileage credit for certain airlines this way. If the airline is not on the list below, you will need to mail or fax (1-817-963-7882) your ticket receipt and boarding pass to request credit.

Hotels, Rental Cars, and Other Partners

See this link for how to request mileage credit for each of American’s non-airline partners.

3. Delta Frequent Flyer Accounts

Flights on Delta

Miles from flights on Delta typically post to Delta frequent flyer accounts within 24 hours. If they do not, you can request mileage credit through this link (you will need to log into your account). You will need your ticket number – the field has space for 13-digit ticket numbers, but if your ticket number is 14 digits, simply leave off the last digit. Note that mileage credit can only be requested for flights taken within the past 9 months, different from United and American. If you had not registered a Delta frequent flyer account before your flight, you can register one and request mileage credit for flights taken in the prior 30 days.

Flights on Partner Airlines

Miles from flights taken on SkyTeam partner airlines usually post to Delta frequent flyer accounts within 7 business days. If they do not, you can request mileage credit using the same link as above.

4. Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Accounts

Flights on Alaska

Miles from flights on Alaska typically credit to Alaska frequent flyer accounts within 7 business days. If they do not, you can request mileage credit by filling out the form on this link. You can request mileage credit using your 13-digit e-ticket number, or, if you do not have it, other information about your flight (date, route, etc.) will suffice. If you happen to have your boarding pass accessible when you request the mileage credit, all of the necessary information can be found on it. Mileage credit requests can only be submitted for flights taken in the past 11 months, and, unlike you must have registered a frequent flyer account prior to your flight.

Flights on Partner Airlines

Miles from flights on partner airlines typically post within 14 business days. If they do not, you can use the same link as above to request mileage credit. If this does not work, you can send your receipt and boarding pass to Alaska Airlines either by mail or email ( The amount of time after the flight in which mileage credit can be requested varies by partner airline, as follows:

  • British Airways – 6 months
  • Air France and KLM – 9 months
  • Other partners (American, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Qantas, etc.) – 12 months.

Hotels, Rental Cars, and Other Partners

Instructions for how to request mileage credit from other partners can be found on this page. Mileage credit requests for Avis, Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National and Thrifty can be submitted through the given rental car company’s website. Similarly, mileage credit requests for Hilton, Fairmont, La Quinta, and can be submitted through their websites. To request mileage credit for all other hotel partners, you must email your hotel receipt to

5. Southwest Airlines Frequent Flyer Accounts

Flights on Southwest

Miles from flights on Southwest typically credit to Southwest frequent flyer accounts within 48 hours, and mileage credit requests can only be submitted after this period. Requesting mileage credit on Southwest is simple. After logging into your Southwest account, click “My Account.” Within the “My Account” page, click on “Manage Account” and then “Request past points.” Submit your flight confirmation number on the page to request mileage credit.

Southwest does not have any airline partners.

Hotels, Rental Cars, and Other Partners

Though Southwest does not have airline partners, they do have hotel, rental car, and other partners – you can earn miles from all of them. Just head over to and request all the miles from these partners.

February 2018 Hotel & Holiday Travel Promo Codes 💘

Here is a list of Coupon Codes for the month of March on Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and Shared rooms such as AirBnb:

$25 Hotel Booking Offer when you use the Dosh App to book your travel plus a $5 bonus for adding a credit card.

$40 Off  Plus 8% OFF at with a $300+ Booking, Stackable Promo.
Save 8% Off Get an extra 8% off with code SAVE8MAY17 while earning up to 20% cash back with Swagbucks on this week. You will also get a $5 bonus for signing up with Swagbucks.

$40 NEW! in AirBnB Travel credits. Plus, Earn up to $100 for everyone you invite. Read more about AirBnb here. There’s also a competing service called MisterBnb geared towards the LGBT community but friendly to everyone.

$35 credit on Travel Pony which you can sign-in your Facebook to book hotels easily.

3,000 Free AAdvantage Miles using Rocketmiles (Bonus) to book hotel for one night 
Sign up
through and book a hotel through a Rocketmiles link to get 3,000 bonus miles after your first stay plus any other miles you accrue.

12% Off Hotels + 8% Cash Back at Travelocity using Be Frugal link here. You would also need to enter promo code “TravelocitySave12″ to save 12% off participating hotels at Travelocity once you click on that site from Be Frugal’s Portal.

T-Mobile is giving away tons of freebies each Tuesday!

T-Mobile is giving away tons of freebies each Tuesday!

Get FREE Stuff on T-Mobile Tuesdays! You will be able to access this promotion using their Android or iOS app. Non-T-Mobile customers may also be able to access this promotion here:

  • $0.25 off per gallon at Shell Gas Stations through Fuel Rewards Program. See below to increase it up to 65 cents a gallon!!
  • The January 30 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mobile customers can get a BOGO pretzel deal from Auntie Anne’s. If you haven’t gotten a free original pretzel from Auntie Anne’s in the month of January yet, you should get it next week.Also available to T-Mo customers next week is a Shell gas discount and $15 off parking from the ParkWhiz, an app that’ll help you find and reserve a parking space. T-Mobile customers will also get a free Kate Hudson eBook from BookShout.

The no-brainer in this week’s gifts for T-Mobile customers is $0.25 off a gallon of gas at Shell, up to 20 gallons. The biggest prize if you ask us is that they are giving away free Gas! This is $0.25 off per gallon at Shell. Make sure to sign-up for the Fuel Rewards program here (to extend this to up to 65 cents a gallon savings) for the Free Shell Gas and the promo code will automatically open in your app after you redeem it in the T-Mobile Tuesdays App.

One grand prize winner will get a VIP movie experience that includes a two-night trip for two to Seattle, Wash., in August to appear as an extra in an upcoming indie film. Also included with the grand prize is a lifetime subscription to IndieFlix, an Apple TV, a 55-inch 4K TV, and a check for $2,845 to cover taxes or other expenses. Twenty-five first prize winners will each receive a lifetime IndieFlix subscription and an Apple TV. Finally, 300 second prize winners will each get a one-year subscription to IndieFlix.

T-Mobile is known for doing things a little differently to other carriers, and its rewards program is much the same. When T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that the company will give all customers a weekly gift, one share of stock, and free in-flight Wi-Fi we were grateful.

The weekly rewards program is pretty simple: it’s called T-Mobile Tuesdays, and it gives every subscriber a free gift every Tuesday. Examples are things like a free (carryout) pizza from Dominos, food from Wendy’s, movie tickets, or free rides with Lyft. There will be some recurring gifts you can claim (like dinner and a movie), while others will be happening on a week-by-week basis. This week, everyone’s going to get a ticket to see Warcraft. Whether that gift makes you happy or afraid probably depends on how many Warcraft trailers you’ve seen so far.

Subscribers have also had a chance for a free hour of Gogo inflight Wi-Fi on every flight they take, in addition to the free texting T-Mobile subscribers already get on planes. One hour of internet means this won’t be a replacement for truly frequent flyers, but an hour of emails and tweeting per flight is a pretty decent perk, all things considered.

To get these rewards, users just need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the Google Play store or iTunes, verify their T-Mobile number, and start spending the free stuff. It’s possible to spin T-Mobile’s motives here as being a straight publicity grab, in partnership with movie theaters that are mostly empty anyways on Tuesdays, and just want people to come in and buy popcorn. But in all honesty, free stuff is free, and the amount of free stuff you can potentially get in return for a $40 cell contract is sweet.

Past Promo’s

FREE MLB.TV Premium for T-Mobile Customers ($112.99 value) on 4/4
Get FREE MLB.TV Premium for T-Mobile Customers! – On April 4th, T-Mobile is giving every customer a free season-long subscription to MLB.TV Premium (a $112.99 value) PLUS At Bat Premium–$19.99 value! Download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to redeem.

T-Mobile customers can score a free order of chips and guacamole from Chipotle, giving you some Mexican food to follow your pizza from last week. Also available will be a code good for $5 toward a movie rental or TV show purchase from FandangoNOW and two Lyft credits worth $5 each.

Everyone is raving over the Free Chips and Guac at Chipotle but the Lyft credits this week are actually something to be excited about not like the normal ones that expire the next day. This week you can get $5 off two rides each until 3/20 at 11:59pm so you have all weekend to use this deal! If you are new to Lyft sign-up here first with our promo code to save $20 more.

You Can Score More Than Guac!
One grand prize winner will receive “Burritos for One Year” in the form of 52 $10 Chipotle gift cards. Twenty-five first prize winners will receive a “Catering for 20” prize that includes include a gift card good for Burritos by the Box for 20, The Two Meat Spread, The Big Spread, or Veggie Spread. Finally, 200 second prize winners will get a “Dinner for Two” prize that includes a $20 Chipotle gift card.

Enter for a chance to win the T-Mobile Chipotle Instant Win Game! This giveaway is open to all, not just T-Mobile customers.

  • One (1) Grand Prize: The winner of the Grand Prize, subject to verification, will receive “Burritos for One Year,” awarded as fifty-two $10 Chipotle promotional gift cards.
  • Twenty-Five (25) First Prizes: Each winner of this prize, subject to verification, will receive “Catering for 20”, awarded as one Chipotle “Catering for 20” promotional gift card which includes a choice of Burritos by the Box for 20, The Two Meat Spread, The Big Spread or Veggie Spread.
  • Two Hundred (200) Second Prizes: Each winner of this prize, subject to verification, will receive “Dinner for Two,” awarded as one gift card, Chipotle promotional gift card for two free burritos, bowls, salads or orders of tacos including chips & guacamole and two fountain drinks.

FREE Firecracker Chicken at Panda Express (Open to Everyone not just T-Mobile Customers)
Through February 1st, Panda Express is offering up a FREE Order of Firecracker Chicken ($3.90 value)! You can redeem online by using promo code FCCB2017 at checkout. You may be able to use this offer at the restaurant by showing/telling your cashier the code FCCB2017 (be sure to call ahead). REDEEM BY 02/01/2017 AT 03:59 AM CST.

Free Firecracker Chicken Breast entree from Panda Express. The meal is “spicy and sweet” and is available both online and in participating physical locations while supplies last. In addition, T-Mobile subscribers will receive a $20 discount at This is an online store that sells sports apparel and fan gear. Among the items it sells are officially licensed MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL merchandise.

The weekly contest will have two Grand Prize winners. Each will get $5,000 to buy a big screen T.V. for the Super Bowl, or to spend on anything that the winners want to buy. In addition, the two Grand Prize winners will each be given a check in the amount of $2,142 to cover taxes, or to be used at the winner’s discretion. 50 First Place winners will receive a $100 eGift Code that can be used to purchase merchandise. The $100 includes taxes and shipping. Two Hundred Second Prize winners will win a $50 gift code from That $50 includes taxes and shipping.

Non-T-Mobile customers may also be able to access this promotion here:

Halloween Promo’s
T-Mobile customers can get $10 off any costume from Spirit Halloween. T-Mobile is also giving customers a treat in the form of two free Subway cookies. The final gift next week is a free VUDU movie rental, with customers getting to choose one of 24 Halloween “classics.”  This week’s grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 shopping spree at any Spirit Halloween store. The purchase must be made in one transaction, and the $1,000 must be used by October 26. The winner will also get a $428 check to use for taxes or other expenses. Five first prize winners will get a 7-foot Boogie Man Animatronic from Spirit Halloween. This statue is worth $199.99, and you can see it for yourself below. Finally, 30 second prize winners will get a $25 Spirit Halloween gift card valid for in-store or online purchases.

#BBMA’s Week
T-Mobile received a free 12-week digital subscription to Billboard Magazine and 25 percent off most JBL products, including Bluetooth speakers and headphones, from T-Mobile stores. T-Mo is also touting a Billboard Music Awards playlist as a gift for its customers. That week’s grand prize winner will get a trip for two to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 21. This prize includes roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas from May 20 to May 22, two nights in a hotel room, two tickets to the BBMAs including walking the magenta carpet and the after-party, and $500 in spending money. T-Mobile will also provide a check for $2,915 for taxes and other expenses. Fifty first prize winners will each receive a JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker, and 100 second prize winners will each get a pair of JBL E55BT Bluetooth headphones.

SPENT: A Free Expense Management APP That Pays Cash Back

SPENT is a free expense management service that pays you cash back on your purchases at participating brands and stores including Amazon, Uber, Staples and nearby stores. SPENT lets you register your credit and debit accounts in order to import your expenses and display them in real time, allowing you to automatically categorize and organize your transactions into folders however you want.

The app is mostly designed for freelancers and business owners to manage business and personal expenses easily. Just as Tinder popularized the idea of swiping left or right in its mobile dating app, SPENT uses swipes to categorize personal and business expenses: left for personal, right for business.

There are several apps that manage your expenses by connecting to your bank and credit accounts, pulling and organizing transaction data. Some may use Quickbooks, Quicken, Personal Capital, or even Billguard to track these transactions and feel a bit more secure than an app they haven’t heard of. You may also be wary of sharing account information or mostly use cash. We like this app because when you make a personal or business purchase at any one of over one million places, you qualify for cash back over and above what you earn with an existing credit card. This is without having to enter a receipt or do any labor if it’s done on your credit or debit card.