Free $5 Off Uber Gift Card & Free $10 Amazon Credit with HBO Now

Amazon has some great deals today if you can still catch them. It’s funny how when they do the yearly Amazon fest or whatever it’s called they would time deals like these for an hour or so but these  will last all day. The deals end at 11:59pm December 29.

Uber Gift Card $5 Off

Go Uber on Amazon and click the $50 box then send it to yourself or someone else. At checkout enter promo code UBER. That will bring down the cost to $45. Easiest free $5 ever! If you want to stack that with 5% back on Discover at Amazon you save even more!

$10 Amazon Credit with HBO Now

You can get a $10 Credit when you Subscribe to HBO NOW. You could subscribe to it then cancel it and make a profit. Here is the HBO Offer on Amazon. Note: You need to have an Andriod device for this offer to work. They do not have HBO Now on Amazon for ios yet apparently.

$7 Free DoorDash Food Delivery Credits

Welcome to 25 Days of Free. Now through December 25th, find free delivery deals on the city’s favorite fare. So get cozy, and then get it delivered. In select cities, they are offering a Free Slice of CheeseCake from CheeseCake Factory. Sign Up Here for a Free $7 Towards your delivery and use promo code 10000SLICES at checkout.

DoorDash is another on-demand restaurant delivery service but they have no minimum order size and are not as limited in geographical area as some of the other related apps. They bring food from your favorite restaurants directly to your door.

DoorDash allows you to order from some of the best restaurants that may not normally deliver. It is also timely as it is normally less than 45 minutes. When you order on DoorDash they provide you with the full restaurant menus to select your order then you add special instructions to make sure your food is the way you want it.

DoorDash $7 Sign-Up Bonus & First Delivery Free
When you sign up for DoorDash to get your first delivery for free you’ll get a  $7 free credit to your account. This is a great time to try out DoorDash because this is the biggest sign-up freebie we’ve seen from them. Try out DoorDash then compare it to Postmates who is also running a generous sign-up offer.

Save 30% At Starbucks All Weekend

Save 30% At Starbucks All Weekend

The Starbucks BOGO promotion was one of the biggest hits of the year so far and now they are running another great promotion. This comes in handy while you’re traveling or out running errands or Christmas shopping. This is Friends & Family weekend at Starbucks, and you can save 30% on almost any store purchase if you’re in the US.

Simply follow this link and enter your mobile number, and you’ll immediately be texted a coupon code for 30% off a purchase this Saturday or Sunday (December 2 or 3, 2017). This promotion is valid on just about any food, drink, or merchandise. The only exclusions are Mobile Order & Pay purchases, refill tumblers, and Starbucks gift cards. Each code can only be used one time, though you can buy multiple things in one transaction. The number of available coupons is limited, so you’ll want to request a coupon ASAP if you have plans to visit Starbucks this weekend.

To have it delivered free use Postmates here or Doordash here.

GrubHub Vs. Yelp Eat24 Review – $12 Off Promo Codes!

The food takeout wars have been heating up as new entrants into the market set their sights on market leader GrubHub which currently controls 20% of the $70+ billion market. GrubHub is the most established online ordering service, with over 8.75 million active diners ordering more than 324,600 grubs a day in over 1,000 cities.
Go here for $7 off Grubhub!
Enter your address into the Grubhub app or online here and a list of local restaurants appear. You can refine your search by type of cuisine, rating (one through five stars and up), time of delivery, price, or restaurants that have tracking for your order, restaurants that are new, or restaurants that have coupons.

Restaurant options
I only had 25 restaurants on my list. Most of them require you to order about an hour in advance. Only one had an option to order 30 minutes in advance. Nearly every restaurant also had an additional fee, from $2 to $6. Make sure to plan ahead when making orders with any delivery service as it may take an hour.

Compare Grubhub to Yelp and Eat24

Yelp has more than 1 million restaurants reviewed on its site, it also owns OpenTable and UrbanSpoon where its users can make reservations at restaurants they have reviewed. Yelp’s purchase of Eat24 added online ordering of restaurant takeout food. For the restaurants that Eat24 serviced, which numbered about 20,000 at the time, Yelp added a widget to takeout diners’ orders after they reviewed the restaurant.

At the core of the services offered by both companies is an online ordering engine that quickly connects diners with the restaurants of their choice. Both of their applications, which are available on desktop and mobile devices, provide users with easy navigation experiences to search for restaurants by a multitude of criteria. With Eat24, users can find their restaurant directly through the Eat24 application or from Yelp’s review site. The list can be parsed by categories like “Top Rated,” “Distance,” “Newest,” and “Minimum Order.”

In comparison, GrubHub has a library of twice as many restaurants to order from. Both offer free delivery in one hour or less, notifications updating order status, 24/7 customer service and order recall. Eat24 relies on the restaurant’s own delivery driver or a third-party service. GrubHub has operated the same way in the past but uses its own drivers in certain cities. That gives GrubHub an edge in the delivery wars because the biggest complaint from food delivery customers is late delivery.

Grubhub has a larger footprint and has built a solid reputation for customer service. Eat24 is less established, but it has access to Yelp’s 130 million monthly visitors. If you use Yelp to look at restaurant reviews, you connect to Eat24 by clicking a button.

Update: Recently Grubhub bought out the Eat24 service from Yelp. They will now begin to combine the two to grow Grubhub.

Compare Grubhub to Postmates

One of the biggest problems with using Grubhub and Yelp Eat 24 compared to Postmates is that you cannot order from any restaurant. You can order anything from virtually anywhere with Postmates even if they do not have a relationship. You also are not stuck with trying to come up with a minimum order. Minimum orders are not a thing at all with Postmates are you can just order a Starbucks Latte if you pay the delivery fee. Although, Postmates does not offer ratings of restaurants to help you decide which ones are best they also do not let you use coupons. The best thing to find which app offers a better deal from the restaurant you frequent the most. One other benefit of using Grubhub is that when they give you a promo code you can use it towards the entire bill and you cannot do this with Postmates. For example. The current promo code for Grubhub is $7 off which you get off the total bill compared with Postmates you only get $10 off only the delivery fee and not the food or drink.

How Does Grubhub Make Money?
GrubHub’s success has been driven by providing a superior customer experience on both sides. For its restaurant clients, its online ordering platform provides an instant boost in takeout sales. For its grubbers, they promise a fully cooked made-to-order meal at their doorsteps within an hour of ordering.
Diners can even track their orders on a special GrubHub app. GrubHub charges the restaurants 14.2% of the food bill. Although it doesn’t charge diners for using its service, restaurants can apply a small delivery charge.

The food delivery business is still growing rapidly. The only way to determine which one deserves your business is to try them both and compare them to their next competitor such as Door Dash or UberEats.

Drop App Earns You Gift Cards Just For Linking your Credit Cards

The Drop App offers points on shopping purchases at top retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, various grocery stores and restaurants, and more. Just link your credit or debit card in the app, and you’ll earn up to 2% back in points, with the points redeemable for various merchant gift cards from Drop. You can sometimes earn more with the bonus offers such as with

You have to link your credit and debit cards to the app so they can see where you spent money. Then you’ll earn Drop points to redeem for gift cards at select retailers. Points can only be earned at the five specific retailers you choose from the list (full list below). After initially choosing five stores, it’s not possible to change your selection. Choose your 5 stores carefully!

How to get a sign-up bonus from Drop and start earning cash back:

  1. Download the Drop app in the Android or Apple Store.
  2. Enter code gsb8q to start earning cash rewards and get a bonus of 1,000 points.
  3. Link a card by signing into your bank login for additional bonus points.
  4. Choose the five retailers where you want to earn points (see below).

Here’s a few of the available merchants to earn points from, and the point earnings rate for shopping with the Drop app:

  • Uber10 points per $1 (1.5%)
  • Lyft10 points per $1 (1.5%)
  • Chipotle12 points per $1 (1.5%)
  • Shell3 points per $1 (.3%) – You could double dip with this offer using the Fuel Rewards Program to save more money on gas purchases.

Other retailer’s for earning cash-back include:

  • Walmart – 2 points per $1 (.2%)
  • Seamless – 16 points per $1 (1.6%)
  • HEB – 10 points per $1 (1%)
  • Fred Meyers – 12 points per $1 (1.2%)
  • Trader Joe’s – 12 points per $1 (1.2%)
  • Peets – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • Blue Bottle – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • Macy’s – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • Dunkin Donuts – 14 points per $1 (1.4%)
  • Target – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • Urban Outfitters – 15 points per $1 (1.5%)
  • Bath Body Works – 15 points per $1 (1.5%)
  • Whole Foods – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • Safeway – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • 7-Eleven – 16 points per $1 (1.6%)
  • Walgreens – 8 points per $1 (.8%)
  • Starbucks – 12 points per $1 (1.2%)
  • McDonalds – 8 points per $1 (.8%)

Personally, I eat at Chipotle and use Uber and Lyft quite a bit so this app has been giving me free gift cards for really doing nothing different. I also took part in a promotion they had and earned several extra dollars with the app.

One-Time Offers

It’s the one-time offers we really love with this app. Such as the Phil Pharmacy where you can earn 30,000 Drop points or $30 when you order for the first time the online Pharmacy. An Amazon bonus can get you 2,000 points or $2 on your next $20 purchase. We’ve also seen $75 for signing up with Wealthfront, $7.50 at Naturebox, and $20 back at Boxed.

Know the Point System

Any purchase made with a linked card at your 5 selected retailers will earn points. Each point is worth 1/10 of a penny. For example, 1,000 points is worth $1. When Drop says you’ll earn 20x per dollar on Amazon, that’s not 20% back, rather 2% back. And when you get a 1,000 point signup bonus, it’s not $10, rather $1. You basically move the decimal point over on the points three places to know what the dollar amount will be.

Points can be redeemed for gift cards

Here’s a few examples of redemption options:

  • $5 Starbucks – 5,000 Points
  • $10 iTunes – 10,000 Points
  • $10 – 10,000 Points
  • $20 Whole Foods Market – 20,000 Points
  • $25 Lyft – 25,000 Points

One of the downsides is this does not like with all credit cards. We could not link it with our new Uber Visa from BarclayCard. Hopefully they get this glitch worked out since it’s where I put all of my dining and Uber purchases now.

Apps to Stack With This One

We recommend stacking this app with Ibotta and possibly Dosh. You could also use Ebates, coupons, and promo codes with this because it’s based on the overall card-linked purchase.

UBER Ride Pass for 20% Off ALL Rides & Free UberEats

UBER has unleashed a new version of the Ride Pass and it will probably not be as limited with sign-ups as the previous ones. This is mainly because UBER seems to be making more money from the Ride Pass this time around and you can only select one route you want a flat fare on. Read more about our first review of Ride Passes here and about UBER Rideshare discounts here.

The Pros:

-$3.99 to Free Delivery Fee Paid One-Time by signing up for this Ride Pass.
-Possibly 20% off your rides

The Cons:
-It costs $9.99 instead of the $5.99 before they charged to sign up and you get less in return.
-In our tests in the Houston area we were not impressed that it was 20% off. The price may have been marked up as it seemed higher than normal fares.
-No real fare difference on the selected choice route but maybe a few dollars or so. We’re not sure what the advantage of this Ride Pass is but we will test it more. (more…)

Silvercar is here to make you forget about Hertz, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise

silvercarrentalsSilvercar Promo Codes
First-Time Renters of Silvercar can get $25 by signing up here with the referral code of VME in the Referral Section.  If you are an existing customer we have a discount for you as well below.

Silvercar $25 Free Bonus & $39 Per Day Offer:

    • Sign Up Now with referral code of VME for a first-time $25 Bonus.
    • After you sign up then enter promo code BESTEVER to get $39 per day rental (First Time Renters).
    • Valid: Limited time offer.
    • Book: Using the mobile app or online book your reservation and use promotional code VME.
    • Terms: You must be a new customer.

Silvercar Seattle, WA Promo

Right now, when you book one of our fully-loaded Audi A4’s in Seattle, you can take 40% off most rentals returned by December 20th. Just enter promo SEA40OFF at checkout! First time riders can stack this with the $25 by signing up here with the referral code of VME.

Silvercar Rental Review

I first learned about Silvercar when they came to Dallas a few years ago but never really had a need for them because they were not in a city I had planned to rent a car in until now. I’ve seen all the sites from Ebates to Retailmenot posting promo codes but never really understood how the car rental site worked compared to Budget or

Pretty sure I have the hang of it now and just in time for a last minute July 4th Vacation in Denver, CO. I have been so worried about this trip because my family will be outside of Denver and I will need a rental car of some kind. So I researched on and then over on the Citi Thank You points site. I also looked over at where I am used to putting in coupon codes to save 20% or so.

Discover Card: 5% Cash Back Categories 2018

The new 5% cash back bonus categories have been announced for all of 2018. Those cardholders will be able to earn cashback on up to $1,500 in purchases at Gas Stations & Wholesale Clubs from January – March 2018. Activation is available now, and you can also activate your Q4 if you haven’t done so. Simply log into your Discover account to activate your 4th Quarter 5% Cash Back Categories!

Tip: If you are not signed up for Discover IT then use our Discover $50 Bonus link. Simply make one purchase to get your $50 bonus! Don’t forget double cash back for the first year, which means you can get $100 referral bonus along with double for 5% cash back categories.

Discover 5% Cashback 2018 Q1 Categories:

  • Gas Station – Standalone only. Those affiliated with superstores and supermarkets may not be eligible.
  • Wholesale Clubs – Make sure your Discover card is accepted. You can use it at  Sam’s Club but not Costco for example. Purchases made using tap-and-pay, mobile or wireless card readers, virtual wallets or similar technology may not be eligible. TIP: You can always buy gift cards at Sam’s Club to shop at Walmart or other retailers.

Discover It 2018 5% Cashback Categories:

  • January-March: Gas Stations, & Wholesale Clubs (valid through 3/31/2018)
  • April-June: Grocery Stores (valid through 6/30/2018)
  • July-September: Restaurants (Valid through 9/30/2018)
  • October-December: & Wholesale Clubs (Activation begins 9/1/2018)

If you don’t have the Discover It Card, you might be excited to hear that it has 0% APR for 14 months on purchases, no annual fee, no fee for your first late payment, no over limit fee, no fee for payments by phone, and no foreign transaction fees. In addition to these already great features, all eligible purchases made with your Discover card are protected for up to $500 during the first 90 days if they’re stolen or accidentally damaged.