Rewards for Booklovers

Borders and Waldenbooks can now have a reason to read more books. A credit card designed with booklovers in mind from Chase.  This card earns you three points per dollar spent at the online sites of and  My favorite feature of the card was the $20 gift card after just one purchase although they have recently taken that away and now giving 1000 bonus points instead which still amounts to a $10 certificate. Another great benefit of having a credit card from Borders is the free coupons you get sent in the mail for cardholders and frequent shoppers. You also get back a full one percent on other purchases even at competitors and Barnes & Nobles.

We recommend using the Chase Freedom card at all bookstores. Absolutely do not buy any gift cards for a bookstore such as Borders that is going bankrupt and closing down stores. This holds true for Blockbuster and other gift card programs. Cash them in now.

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