Perks of the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program #BotoxRewards

The Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program gives users exclusive savings on cosmetic treatments like BOTOX, JUVEDERM, and more. If you are a regular user of injectable fillers and are looking for a way to save, this rewards program may be a great choice.

What Is the Brilliant Distinctions Program?

When you become a member of the Brilliant Distinctions program, you earn points every time you undergo a new treatment or purchase an Allergan product. These points accrue over time, and you can use them to save on your future treatments and products.

Bonus for signing up?
Yes, the unrivaled aesthetics rewards program is offering you $20 in Brilliant Distinctions points just for registering. You can register here for the $20 offer.

How Do the Points Work?

For every 100 points you earn, you save ten dollars. To use these accumulated points, you must log into your account and click Redeem Points. This enables you to spend your allotted points in any way that you choose.

What Treatments Are Offered?

When you become a Brilliant Distinctions member, you can use your points on Allergan treatments offered by participating physicians. There are a number of injectable fillers offered, including:

BOTOX: This filler is injected into facial muscles to reduce the muscle activity that causes crow’s feet and frown lines. This filler can improve the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles.

LATISSE: This product is a topical solution that increases the fullness and length of eyelashes. It is applied to the lash line and promises quick and effective results.

KYBELLA: This injectable treatment is used to get rid of submental fat beneath the chin. It works by breaking down and destroying the fat cells responsible for double chins.

JUVEDERM: This filler adds volume to facial areas that have lost fullness due to age. It can be used to correct the appearance of wrinkles, add fullness to the cheek area, and plump the lips.

Natrelle Breast Implants: These gel implants are used to enhance the size of the bust.

What Is the Brilliant Distinctions Mall?

You can also redeem your points at the Brilliant Distinctions Mall. This online shopping hub offers a wide range of products from many of your favorite retailers.

Do My Points Expire?

When you earn points, they are automatically transferred to your account within two days of issue. Once these points are earned, they will remain valid for nine months. After this, they will expire. Your points will also expire if your account is closed by choice or due to inactivity. In-office coupons, which are sometimes offered by participating physicians, usually expire after 60 days.

How Does Brilliant Distinctions Compare?

While there are other comparable rewards programs, Brilliant Distinctions offers Allergan treatments, which are some of the best on the market. If you have used and liked BOTOX and JUVEDERM, Brilliant Distinctions is a great way to get regular, reasonably priced treatments.