Fast Track to Free Flights with the British Airways with 80,000 points bonus

If you are a frequent traveller with British Airways then you would be well advised to think about taking out a British Airways Visa Signature Card. You can earn yourself a lot of air points if you sign up quickly, as they currently offer a very good offer for a limited time only.

As you may expect from the name, a British Airways Visa Signature Card is credit card which will reward you with air points for using it.  The credit card is given out on the airline’s behalf, allowing you to earn British Airways points by buying flights on the card. You can also earn extra air points by using the credit card for other purchases.  You can then redeem these points to get yourself free British Airways flights. There are other good perks with this card, too, so it is worth having one.

The current sign-up deal gives you 50,000 points of flights with British Airways, for a limited time only and 50,000 points bonus after you use the credit card for the first time. Additionally, you get another 50,000 points if you spend $2,500 within three months of opening the card account. That is pretty good (basically, two round-trip trans-Atlantic flights). It is especially impressive when you consider that there are no foreign transaction fees for traveling abroad.

From that point, you earn 2.5 BA points for every dollar spent on British Airways purchases and half of that for money spent on any other purchases. If in any twelve month period you spend in excess of $30,000 on this credit card, you will qualify for a Travel Together Ticket which can be redeemed within two years. That means that you can take a friend along with you, free of charge, on a ticket of the same seating class. You may only take advantage of one voucher per annum but it is still a very nice perk of having the card.

Having no overseas transaction fees means you will save a good amount of money if you buy things overseas with your credit card, which is also much easier and saver than carrying cash with you or having to exchange currencies. You can this credit card in millions of outlets all over the world.

Having one of these cards also gives you Executive Club Membership. That gives you an opportunity to avail yourself of other offers only open to Club members.

Right from sign-up you earn air points and the offers available at the moment (and often) mean that you can quickly accumulate a large number of points. The $95 annual may seem a little excessive, but you have to weigh that up with the fact that, after just one purchase on your card you will have earned a round-trip Trans-Atlantic flight. It’s easy to do those kinds of Maths! Of course, to make it worth your while, you need to want to travel with British Airways, and you have to be disciplined about paying off your credit card bill so that you don’t end up owing more in interest than you get back in air points, but if you have a good handle on your spending and you travel often with British Airways, you would be well advised to take a good look at the British Airways Visa Signature Card.