Bryant State Bank MasterCard

The Bryant State Bank MasterCard offers a low interest rate card which allows customers to transfer higher interest rate balances to the card as a means of consolidating bills and saving money. It is a variable rate which will fluctuate depending on the Prime Rate.

The rate being offered on the Bryant State Bank MasterCard is currently 11.25 percent. This is not an introductory rate, and is currently lower than the majority of credit cards on the market today. They do offer an introductory rate of only 3.25 percent on any balance transfers for the first six months from the date of transfer. There are many credit card companies that will also charge up to a five percent fee for balance transfers, but this card allows you to transfer any balances you wish without charging any fees.

The Bryant State Bank MasterCard also offers no charge fraud liability protection. This protects the cardholder in the event the card is lost or stolen. Should anything happen to the card, the consumer will not be responsible for any charges made while the card is not in their possession.

When you get your Bryant State Bank MasterCard, you will also be able to have access to your account online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can view transactions, check your balance, and even make payments online with just the click of a mouse. The card also offers what is known as Emergency Cash Distribution and Card Replacement. When traveling abroad or within the United States, customers will have access to emergency cash advance services as well as the replacement of a lost or stolen card. The replacement of the card will be based on the account status and cash available at the time of the loss.

Since this is a MasterCard, the card will be accepted by millions of retailers across the globe. Bryant State BankMasterCard holders will also enjoy all of the conveniences that come with the card. This includes access to their quality customer service that provides each account holder with the respect they deserve. Customer care can be reached by phone or online and will answer any questions or address any problems in a timely and professional manner.

Once you have applied and been approved for the card you will receive your new card within ten business days. In addition to being able to pay your bill online, Bryant State Bank MasterCard also accepts payments by phone, mail, Western Union, MoneyGram, and MoneyPak. Statements can be viewed online or cardholders can call the toll free customer service line to request a hard copy.

The Bryant State Bank MasterCard offers security and convenience to their cardholders whether they are shopping internationally or domestically, from home or in a store.

Note: We are not responsible for Interest rate changes since the time this article was released.