Capital One Platinum Credit Card Review

Many consumers have been increasingly signing up for the Capital One Platinum Credit Card. This credit card has plenty to offer consumers, from low interest rates to a great rewards program. This article will discuss and review the Capital One Platinum Credit Card.

One major benefit of this credit card is the ability to transfer higher-rate balances, which allows consumers to save money in the long run in the form of interest fees.

This credit card also has a great introductory APR rate, which is a highly attractive feature for consumers. The intro APR rate for this credit card is only 0% for the first six months that one owns this card. After six months passes, then this rate will be increased to only 10.9% to 18.9% for the six months following that time period. After this, then the intro rate will become the normal rate of 24.5%.

Consumers also enjoying this card for the simplicity it brings into their financial lives. This card allows one to consolidate all balances onto this one card. There is also a great fraud protection program that comes along with this card. If a person’s card is stolen or misused by another criminal, then this card has a $0 fraud liability amount. This means that an owner of this card will not be liable for any part of the payments on a card that has been fraudulently used by another person. In the age of the internet where identities are stolen all the time, this is a very important feature for a credit card to have.

This card also has a very relaxed grace period, if a person is unable to make payments on the card by the minimum payment due date. A person will have 25 days to make payments on a card after the minimum payment due date has passed. Only if a person exceeds the 25 day period, will a credit card company then report the failure to pay the minimum payment to the credit bureau reporting agencies.

The cash advance fee for this card is also incredibly low. A person will only be charged a 3% interest fee for taking a cash advance from this the Capital One Platinum credit card. A person is not able to take out less than $10 when taking out cash advances from a Capital One Platinum credit card.

There are some unique benefits to owning the Capital One Platinum credit card. For example, if one’s car breaks down, then the Capital One company will send out roadside assistance to help a person fix his or her car. In addition, if one’s credit card is stolen, then Capital One will replace the card immediately and not hold an owner responsible for any charges on the other card. One even gets automatic auto insurance when he or she uses a Capital One credit card to purchase a car rental. When a person purchases airfare with a credit card, then he or she will also be reimbursed for any travel incidents with travel insurance.

For items that are purchased with this card, a person will also receive an extended warranty on such items. The extended warranty program exists for the entire duration that a person owns the Capital One Platinum credit card and is truly one of the best benefits.