October 2017 Hotel Promo Codes

Here is a list of Coupon Codes for the month of March on Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and Shared rooms such as AirBnb:

$40 Off  Plus 8% OFF at Hotels.com with a $300+ Booking, Stackable Promo.
Save 8% Off Get an extra 8% off with code SAVE8MAY17 while earning up to 20% cash back with Swagbucks on Hotels.com this week. You will also get a $5 bonus for signing up with Swagbucks.

$40 NEW! in AirBnB Travel credits. Plus, Earn up to $100 for everyone you invite. Read more about AirBnb here. There’s also a competing service called MisterBnb aimed at the LGBT community but friendly to everyone.

$35 credit on Travel Pony which you can sign-in your Facebook to book hotels easily.

3,000 Free AAdvantage Miles using Rocketmiles (Bonus) to book hotel for one night
Sign up through and book a hotel through a Rocketmiles link to get 3,000 bonus miles after your first stay plus any other miles you accrue.

Tweet These Hashtags for Savings at Embassy Suites and MGM Resorts:
Save $45 at Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites
Click Here to Tweet #AmexESHW to get $45 back when you spend $225 or more at Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites with Amex Offers. Expires 6/30/2017.

$60 Off MGM Resorts Stays in Las Vegas
Click Here to Tweet #AmexMGM to get $60 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend $300+ on room rate and room charges, when you pay for your stay with select MGM Resorts International properties from 3/1/2017 – 6/30/2017. Read here about the MGM Resorts rewards program. This is valid at these Las Vegas MGM Resorts including ARIA, Vdara, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Delano, and Mirage.

Airbnb $40 Promo Code

Charming_small_house_Holmenkollen_in_OsloIf you have not heard of AirBnB or not tried it yet the service is basically staying at a stranger’s house instead of a hotel. Sounds strange at first but you can find really cool unique places to stay and most of the people who do it are totally legit, clean, and respectable. Plus it’s the sharing economy instead of a basic hotel that is in a touristy area. There are 100s of thousands of available places from apartments and houses to castles, treehouses and boats in more than 34,000 cities boasting 550,000 rooms globally.

Here’s $40 in AirBnB Travel credits if anyone wants to give it a try for the first time and let me know what you think of AirBnB in the comments.  Plus Earn up to $100 for everyone you invite. (more…)

Hilton Honors 500 Points App Bonus Vs. CashBack Online

Hilton Honors 500 Points App Bonus Vs. CashBack Online

Hilton Honors has introduced an app booking bonus for 500 points that is valid for stays all the way until the end of 2017. Only reservations that are made using the app are eligible for these bonus points. If you book using the App you won’t get any cash back by using a site such as Ebates to get 2% or more. Which is one of the reasons the hotels want you to book through the app so they can get everything direct. (more…)

Hotel Tonight Rewards Program

We have used the Hotel Tonight app for awhile now. It is one of the simpler a free mobile apps when searching for discounted hotel rooms up to 7 days in advance. We have liked it because it’s not part of the Expedia and corporate portfolio yet that is and because it’s simple.

It works best for booking hotels last minute. If you haven’t already signed-up for Hotel Tonight, you can use my promotion code “DSANDERS1” to earn a $25 credit on your first booking.

Hotel Tonight just started a new loyalty program dubbed HT Perks.

The HT Perks Program
There are 3 levels to Hotel Tonight’s HT Perks program. The more you spend, the higher your status. And the higher your status, the more of a discount you’ll receive.

Level 1
Spend $100+ with Hotel Tonight
Extra-discounted rates

Level 2
Spend $750+ with Hotel Tonight
5% off Level 1 rates
Exclusive offers and surprises

Level 3
Spend $5,000+ with Hotel Tonight
10% off Level 1 rates
With this level you get more exclusive offers and surprises than Level 2 and VIP customer support.

All of your past bookings you’ve made count towards your status and your status will never expire. That that’s pretty awesome for an app. Now if they can just upgrade my rooms for me!

3,000 Bonus Air Miles for using RocketMiles to Book Hotels

Rocketmiles has extended the American Airlines 3,000 bonus miles first booking offer that is now valid until October 31, 2016. You earn 1,000 to 10,000 miles per hotel night booked using the service and these 3,000 bonus miles are extra. You can book the stay far out at anytime as long as you book it now. You can earn 3,000 bonus miles in addition to the regular miles of 500 to 10,000 per night that you earn which can be for one night stay. You can access this offer on Rocketmiles website here. This offer is valid with all partners except Norwegian and Amazon Gift Cards.

Rocketmiles allows you to earn up to 5,000 Airline Reward Miles when you book hotels which can be more rewarding for some hotel nights than the hotels points. This is an easy way to earn extra miles for US Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, United Air, and other airlines. (more…)

Elevator Keys at Hotels and Workarounds to a Nuisance

One of the most annoying things which is sadly a trend in the hotel industry are these room keys to get up the elevator. Mainly because the hotel does not have in mind those of us traveling for business have deliveries such as Postmates or even pizza. One of the reasons of asking for a delivery is so that we do not have to stop what we are doing and deal with elevators and such that is part of what we are tipping the delivery drivers to do.

I recently stayed at the Hyatt Atlanta Midtown to find that it was yet another hotel that featured the elementary school elevator keys. I just do not understand why adults have to use keys in a day when they have video cameras at the front door, security at the front at night, and giving us one more travel hassle that is just unnecessary. I ordered Postmates delivery if you are not familiar you can read about it here to find that my food sat getting cold at the front because the delivery person was not able to come up to the room. At most hotels they would send the person up but they would not send him up. Hotel sites need to list when they have elevator key hassles on their websites from now on. People can decide if it is an “amenity” they want when they stay at a hotel. Great location otherwise… Room service could be open longer hours as it opens at 5pm. Good Wifi. New, modern hotel.

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Tulsa has the same issue where the room keys are a nuisance. They would not let Mazzio’s Pizza deliver to my room instead I had to elevator shuffle down to the 2nd floor where the lobby is located to meet my pizza delivery guy. It’s almost like the Fairfield wants you to go out of your way to a 2nd floor lobby as another hassle instead of on the street level. The hotel thought they should go out of their way to make sure the traveler has one more obstacle to go through because planes, trains, and automobiles are not enough.

One way to work around the keyed elevator entries is to have your guest take the stairs if it’s at a small hotel such as the Fairfield Inn that only has 4 floors. You should be taking the stairs anyway as it’s great exercise! Another workaround that works when you do not have to put up a key for each floor is to just follow a guest of the hotel in the elevator who are already have a key out.

Who knows as hotels upgrade their elevators we may see it get worse and worse. I just hope they can start being upfront about this and add it to their “amenities” area so that I can choose NOT to stay at a hotel that treats you like a child having to use a key to get up an elevator. Here’s a hint: Nobody likes it. Everyone in the elevator complains about it and if someone wants up they will damn well get up there.