2015 Zero APR Cards with No Balance Transfer Fee

You could spend all day and night searching online for the hottest 0% Transfer offers online with no balance transfer fee but its nearly impossible to find decent offers. You may get a few offers a week from your current or wannabe credit card companies offering 0% but with transfer fees. Search engines also tend to give you 5 pages of junk results about credit cards that DO have fees. I refuse to move money with fees so this is my short list of the best 0% No Fee cards right now.

My favorite Top 3 Cards that are 0% APR with No Balance Transfer fee are the following:

1. We are in love with this Credit Union Alliant Bank (alliantcreditunion.org). You get 0% APR for 12 months with NO FEES. You don’t have to be a member to apply and find out if you qualify for the 0% APR deal. Choose ‘not a member’ when you apply and if you are approved you’ll then be able to become a member of the credit union to finish opening your account. I applied for this myself to transfer money from my Slate card that was ending this month to do my annual shuffle around of balances on 0% Cards. My credit line was actually bigger on this card than with Chase Bank but mainly because I have so many cards already with the bigger bank.