$40 in Bonuses to Let “Trim Assistant” Monitor Credit Cards & Save Money!

$40 in Bonuses to Let “Trim Assistant” Monitor Credit Cards & Save Money!

Trim is a free service that offers automated statement credits to your Visa credit or debit card when you connect your card, activate cashback coupons via Facebook Messenger, and make qualifying purchases on your card at participating retailers or in select shopping categories. It not only monitors your credit cards but your bank accounts to help cut down on unnecessary bills or overpaying.

Save up to $40 in Bonus Statement Credits

You can earn $40 in bonus statement credits on your everyday purchases when you sign up for Trim. After linking your Visa card you get a grocery offer then after activating that offer in Facebook Messenger they send two more offers. Here are some example offers:

  • Spend $5 or more at any U.S. grocery and get $1 back. Can be repeated up to ten times for a total savings of $10. Expires 7/3/17. Tip: You could charge this on a card that is paying a quarterly 5% cashback bonus to double up on the rewards. Chase Freedom Visa is paying a 5x Bonus on Grocery stores during this quarter.
  • Spend $5 or more at any U.S. restaurant and get $1 back. Can be repeated up to ten times for a total savings of $10. Expires 7/3/17.
  • $10 Back On $50+ Grocery Purchases
  • Spend $20 or more at any U.S. movie theater and get $10 back. Expires 8/31/17.

How To Activate Trim Savings

1. Head over to Trim to Sign-Up!

2. Click “Savings” under the Menu in your Trim account and register your Visa credit card or Visa debit card with Trim Savings. Tip: We recommend using a credit card over debit cards for any purpose.

3. Once you register, Trim Savings will offer you cashback coupons via Facebook Messenger.

4. Activate the cash back coupons that you want to use via the “Activate” button on Facebook Messenger.

5. After you’ve Activated the offers, you simply use your Visa card to make qualifying purchases.

6. Once you’ve made a qualifying purchase, the statement credits will be automatically applied to your Visa card account.

Trim Remembers To Cancel “Free Trials” So You Don’t Get Charged

While some may love the bonus incentives to use Trim they offer some possibly really helpful services as well.  Trim  also helps you cancel unwanted Credit Card Subscriptions. If you are like me you sign up for tons of “free trial offers” such as Netflix and Hulu then lose track of all the subscription services that are registered with what promotion. Trim can easily find and cancel unwanted credit card subscriptions. Trim finds all the subscriptions on your credit card or debit card such as Amazon Prime or Google Play renewing then sends you a list of them in a text message and then cancels the ones you don’t want.

Save on Your Cable Bill

Trim is offering an exclusive Comcast cost-cutting service. Perhaps, this will keep you from cord-cutting if you save money with your cable bill. Trim will monitor your Comcast bill and use chat to get reductions. They basically negotiate your rate and you pay 25% of the first bill’s reductions so if they save you $10 per month then you’ll pay $2.50. That certainly beats calling into the cable service but we recommend you do that every 6 months or so anyway no matter what the hassle to get deeper discounted rates or promotions. We hope they expand to include Spectrum and other cable providers such as Cox Communications.

Statement Credits for Targeted Visa Transactions

Trim also offers a card link program as part of Visa Trial Link. When you link your Visa card with Trim, you’ll get targeted cash back offers in the form of a statement credit. This works with Visa cards only. Any account linked in Trim with the bank login should automatically be part of the card-link program (without inputting the card numbers) managed exclusively via Facebook messenger.

Should I Share My Login and Credit Card Information with Trim? Is it Safe?

The Login you give them is actually converted to a token where Trim only gets read-only access to your transaction data. They cannot move money or make any changes to your account. You can revoke their read-only access token at any time. They also use 256-bit SSL encryption for their website and all server-side databases using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure online data storage and hosting service that is used by the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). They have stated that your data on our servers will never be accessed or used by any other party and they will not sell your data or use it in any way without your permission.


As a credit card and frugal nerd I am more than excited to give this service a go. I am not worried about sharing login information as I will be using a credit card that is not connected to a bank account. I will most likely use my Capital One Visa and Chase Freedom cards. My only worries are that this program will interfere with Rewards Network or Shell Fuel Rewards in which I get a big savings on my gas and that is much needed right now. I plan on testing this service out and seeing how it goes and writing more as I go along so make sure and bookmark this page or add us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

T-Mobile is giving away tons of freebies each Tuesday!

T-Mobile is giving away tons of freebies each Tuesday!

T-Mobile customers today get a free 12-week digital subscription to Billboard Magazine and 25 percent off most JBL products, including Bluetooth speakers and headphones, from T-Mobile stores. T-Mo is also touting a Billboard Music Awards playlist as a gift for its customers.

This week’s grand prize winner will get a trip for two to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 21. This prize includes roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas from May 20 to May 22, two nights in a hotel room, two tickets to the BBMAs including walking the magenta carpet and the after-party, and $500 in spending money. T-Mobile will also provide a check for $2,915 for taxes and other expenses. Fifty first prize winners will each receive a JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker, and 100 second prize winners will each get a pair of JBL E55BT Bluetooth headphones.

Rounding out this week’s gifts for T-Mobile customers is $0.25 off a gallon of gas at Shell, up to 20 gallons. The biggest prize if you ask us is that they are giving away free Gas! This is $0.25 off per gallon at Shell. Make sure to sign-up for the Fuel Rewards program here (to extend this to up to 65 cents a gallon savings) for the Free Shell Gas and the promo code will automatically open in your app after you redeem it in the T-Mobile Tuesdays App.

The grand prize winner will receive a weekend getaway to see an event based on ticket availability in the Gametime app. This includes round trip airfare for two (up to $1,200), airport/hotel or hotel/ground transportation (up to $500), two nights in a hotel (up to $1,000), tickets to an event from Gametime (up to $3,000), $500 to spend on meals, and a check for $2,650 to spend on travel expenses or taxes.

FREE MLB.TV Premium for T-Mobile Customers ($112.99 value) on 4/4
Get FREE MLB.TV Premium for T-Mobile Customers! – On April 4th, T-Mobile is giving every customer a free season-long subscription to MLB.TV Premium (a $112.99 value) PLUS MLB.com At Bat Premium–$19.99 value! Download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to redeem.

T-Mobile is known for doing things a little differently to other carriers, and its rewards program is much the same. When T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that the company will give all customers a weekly gift, one share of stock, and free in-flight Wi-Fi we were grateful.

The weekly rewards program is pretty simple: it’s called T-Mobile Tuesdays, and it gives every subscriber a free gift every Tuesday. Examples are things like a free (carryout) pizza from Dominos, food from Wendy’s, movie tickets, or free rides with Lyft. There will be some recurring gifts you can claim (like dinner and a movie), while others will be happening on a week-by-week basis. This week, everyone’s going to get a ticket to see Warcraft. Whether that gift makes you happy or afraid probably depends on how many Warcraft trailers you’ve seen so far.

Subscribers have also had a chance for a free hour of Gogo inflight Wi-Fi on every flight they take, in addition to the free texting T-Mobile subscribers already get on planes. One hour of internet means this won’t be a replacement for truly frequent flyers, but an hour of emails and tweeting per flight is a pretty decent perk, all things considered.

To get these rewards, users just need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the Google Play store or iTunes, verify their T-Mobile number, and start spending the free stuff. It’s possible to spin T-Mobile’s motives here as being a straight publicity grab, in partnership with movie theaters that are mostly empty anyways on Tuesdays, and just want people to come in and buy popcorn. But in all honesty, free stuff is free, and the amount of free stuff you can potentially get in return for a $40 cell contract is sweet.

Past Promo’s
T-Mobile customers can score a free order of chips and guacamole from Chipotle, giving you some Mexican food to follow your pizza from last week. Also available will be a code good for $5 toward a movie rental or TV show purchase from FandangoNOW and two Lyft credits worth $5 each.

Everyone is raving over the Free Chips and Guac at Chipotle but the Lyft credits this week are actually something to be excited about not like the normal ones that expire the next day. This week you can get $5 off two rides each until 3/20 at 11:59pm so you have all weekend to use this deal! If you are new to Lyft sign-up here first with our promo code to save $20 more.

You Can Score More Than Guac!
One grand prize winner will receive “Burritos for One Year” in the form of 52 $10 Chipotle gift cards. Twenty-five first prize winners will receive a “Catering for 20” prize that includes include a gift card good for Burritos by the Box for 20, The Two Meat Spread, The Big Spread, or Veggie Spread. Finally, 200 second prize winners will get a “Dinner for Two” prize that includes a $20 Chipotle gift card.

Enter for a chance to win the T-Mobile Chipotle Instant Win Game! This giveaway is open to all, not just T-Mobile customers.

  • One (1) Grand Prize: The winner of the Grand Prize, subject to verification, will receive “Burritos for One Year,” awarded as fifty-two $10 Chipotle promotional gift cards.
  • Twenty-Five (25) First Prizes: Each winner of this prize, subject to verification, will receive “Catering for 20”, awarded as one Chipotle “Catering for 20” promotional gift card which includes a choice of Burritos by the Box for 20, The Two Meat Spread, The Big Spread or Veggie Spread.
  • Two Hundred (200) Second Prizes: Each winner of this prize, subject to verification, will receive “Dinner for Two,” awarded as one gift card, Chipotle promotional gift card for two free burritos, bowls, salads or orders of tacos including chips & guacamole and two fountain drinks.

FREE Firecracker Chicken at Panda Express (Open to Everyone not just T-Mobile Customers)
Through February 1st, Panda Express is offering up a FREE Order of Firecracker Chicken ($3.90 value)! You can redeem online by using promo code FCCB2017 at checkout. You may be able to use this offer at the restaurant by showing/telling your cashier the code FCCB2017 (be sure to call ahead). REDEEM BY 02/01/2017 AT 03:59 AM CST.

Free Firecracker Chicken Breast entree from Panda Express. The meal is “spicy and sweet” and is available both online and in participating physical locations while supplies last. In addition, T-Mobile subscribers will receive a $20 discount at Fanatics.com. This is an online store that sells sports apparel and fan gear. Among the items it sells are officially licensed MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL merchandise.

The weekly contest will have two Grand Prize winners. Each will get $5,000 to buy a big screen T.V. for the Super Bowl, or to spend on anything that the winners want to buy. In addition, the two Grand Prize winners will each be given a check in the amount of $2,142 to cover taxes, or to be used at the winner’s discretion. 50 First Place winners will receive a $100 Fanatics.com eGift Code that can be used to purchase merchandise. The $100 includes taxes and shipping. Two Hundred Second Prize winners will win a $50 gift code from Fanatics.com. That $50 includes taxes and shipping.

Non-T-Mobile customers may also be able to access this promotion here: amoe.t-mobiletuesdays.com

Halloween Promo’s
T-Mobile customers can get $10 off any costume from Spirit Halloween. T-Mobile is also giving customers a treat in the form of two free Subway cookies. The final gift next week is a free VUDU movie rental, with customers getting to choose one of 24 Halloween “classics.”  This week’s grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 shopping spree at any Spirit Halloween store. The purchase must be made in one transaction, and the $1,000 must be used by October 26. The winner will also get a $428 check to use for taxes or other expenses. Five first prize winners will get a 7-foot Boogie Man Animatronic from Spirit Halloween. This statue is worth $199.99, and you can see it for yourself below. Finally, 30 second prize winners will get a $25 Spirit Halloween gift card valid for in-store or online purchases.

Save Over 5% Extra at Sam’s Wholesale Club

Save Over 5% Extra at Sam’s Wholesale Club

Sam’s Wholesale Club is a place I have shopped with my Dad since I was a kid. We would go there and pile up the cart full of a week’s worth of food and it was always exciting to me! My Dad uses his Sam’s Credit Card for all of his purchases. He swears by it as it gives him 2% cash back on his purchases but that card is no longer available and their current card offering is a 1% back card for purchases at Sam’s Club.

Normally Warehouse clubs do not earn your category 5% cash back or higher cash back. They are normally in the fine print to not earn anything and most clubs would not take all of the credit cards as they were exclusive. So warehouse clubs used to be where I would go to meet minimum spending requirements for a sign-up bonus and not really expect big cash back on a card but that has changed. This past year there has been a huge marketing ploy to get cardholders to switch over to Chase and Discover after the American Express shakeup at Costco. This is when Costco decided to partner with Citi Cards instead. Discover and Chase have been giving huge 5% back incentives for warehouse shoppers.

Sam’s Club is also offering a generous Cash Back Program on top of the cash back you can earn using a credit card. Sam’s Plus Members earn $10 in Cash Rewards for every $500 in qualifying pre-tax purchases during a membership year with a maximum reward of $500 per 12-month period. Cash Rewards are loaded onto the Sam’s Plus Member account about two months before the end of the membership year (award date).

If you are not yet a member of Sam’s Club you can join using this link and get a $20 e-gift card.

1.   Discover it

Go Here:   Discover it

Wholesale clubs are included in the 5X categories through June 30, 2017.  It’s been this way for several months now so this has been our top card used at Sam’s Club. You can also get cash at the register up to $60 interest free. Yes, it works just like an ATM Machine but no fees.

With the 5X bonus categories, you can earn $75 cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases each quarter after you activate the bonus.

For new cardmembers Discover will match the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first 12 billing cycles.  So any purchases you made in the 5% bonus categories will get you 10% cash back!

2.   Bank of America Cash Rewards

There are 2 no annual fee Bank of America cash back cards which include wholesale clubs as a bonus category. With the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa and MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards card, you can earn 2% cash back at wholesale clubs on up to $2,500 in spending each quarter. You’ll also get a 10% bonus if you deposit your cash back into a Bank of America checking or savings account. If you redeem $50 cash back, you’ll get $55 in your bank account.

3.   AMEX Starwood Cards

Go Here:   Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

With the AMEX Starwood card, you’ll earn 1 point per $1 spent at Sam’s Club. But for every 20,000 Starwood points you transfer to airline partners (with a 1:1 transfer ratio), you’ll earn 5,000 bonus miles. That means every $1 spent on the AMEX Starwood cards is worth up to 1.25 airline miles!

Plus, AMEX Starwood cards give you access to AMEX Offers.  I recently got an amazing deal on my American Express Blue Cash card where the AMEX Offer was 20% back on purchases of $100+. I purchased $500 in Sam’s Gift Cards with this offer and got $100 back.

4.   Citi Double Cash

You can earn up to 2% cash back at Sam’s Club with the no annual fee Citi Double Cash card. You’ll earn 1% cash back on every purchase, and another 1% cash back when you make payments, as long you meet the minimum payment on your monthly statement. You can redeem cash back rewards for a mailed check, a statement credit, or for gift cards, when you reach $25 in rewards.

5.   Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Freedom Card

Go Here:   Chase Freedom

With the Chase Freedom Unlimited, you’ll earn 1.5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (1.5% cash back) per $1 you spend on all purchases with NO limit.  Chase Freedom Visa also ran a 5% back category for warehouse clubs during the Holiday season and we bet they will again soon because Discover Card is continuing their promotion of this.

Free $10 off $10 Coupon at JCPenney

Free $10 off $10 Coupon at JCPenney

Friday, March 3, and Saturday, March 4, JCPenney stores will have a Free $10 off $10 coupon available in store. 2 in 100 coupons will be for $100 off $100, and 3 in 100 will be $20 off $20 as well. While Supplies Last. Stores open at 8am Friday and 7am Saturday! Reach out to your local JCPenney for store hours as they may vary by location. Most stores are participating.

You can buy novelty tees for only $12 at JCP so that makes them $2 with this coupon. You may also want to sign up for their email list because they have sent me a few $10 off coupons via email and to my home address.

Another great offer is the Staples $10 off $10. This offer keeps coming to my inbox weekly but I have yet to post about it. I have been going in Staples to buy a box of K-cups of Coffee for $12 and paying only $2 just like the JCP offer above. Just sign up for their email list and it shall come soon!

Remember, when doing any shopping online to use Ebates to get cash back.

Past promos

Friday, December 16 and Saturday, December 17 JCPenney stores will have a Free $10 off $10 coupon available. 2 in 100 coupons will be for $100 off $100, and 3 in 100 will be $20 off $20 as well. While Supplies Last.

Purina My Perks for Free Cat Swag & 47,500 in Free points

If you have cats we are starting to find some great rewards programs when buying cat food whether it be from your favorite grocery store or a PetSmart. We have also found some free offers from products such as Rachael Ray and Purina to try out. To get FREE Stuff from Purina Cat Chow sign up for the “My Perks Rewards” and you start with a generous 10,000 points. You can earn more points under Activities Tab where you can easily earn another 3,690 points.

To redeem your rewards simply click the “Rewards” Tab at the top of the page. It may take a couple of months to earn enough points. To redeem the codes go to “Activities” and then click where it says proof of purchase and then click that and scroll down the page and enter in your codes. Redeem points for new rewards like cat fountain, yoga mats and more.

Earn over 45,000 points with the new codes below: (more…)

Verizon Smart Rewards Program

Verizon Smart Rewards is a rewards program where you can earn points for paying your bill using My Verizon, purchasing accessories and more. These rewards points can be redeemed for savings on merchandise, gift cards, travel, daily deals and entering auctions and sweepstakes.

Some of the promos for new members include $10 gift cards. New sign-ups of the Verizon Smart rewards program were able to score a $10 Verizon Gift Card for only 1,000 points.

See more about this program at rewards.verizonwireless.com.