$400 in Free Points & Miles for New Plastiq Members

I made a related post describing how I used the online bill-pay service Plastiq to meet minimum spend on a new credit card I applied for a few months ago. Typically this site charges a 2.5% service fee when you use an American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card to send payment to pay a bill. While paying this fee usually isn’t worth it for your regular bill payment, it might be worth it to meet minimum spend that you might not be able to meet otherwise.

For a limited time, however, new members that sign up for Plastiq can receive their first $400 fee-free! That means you can pay $400 on your credit card through this service and you will not receive a charge! Even if you aren’t trying to meet minimum spend, you can always pay use it to earn some free points or miles.

The terms specifically state that some sections of the site and emails state the standard amount, but you’ll still receive the double bonus. As long as you make your first payment of at least $20 between March 14, 2017 and April 18, 2017, you’ll receive $400 free dollars. The person making the referral will receive $800 in free dollars. For those new to the site and wanting to take advantage of getting some free points/miles on their card or to make a payment towards meeting their minimum spend requirement, you can sign up here. Feel free to leave your referral code below, and here is my referral code if you want to support – 502988.

To start taking advantage of the promotional 2% fee, follow these easy steps:
1. Sign Up for Plastiq
2. Submit or schedule a payment for ANY bill.
3. Make sure the “Processing Date” is no later than April 18, 2017. You can see the “Processing Date” when you hover over a date in the calendar.
4. Use an American Express card to make the payment.
5. A special 2% fee will be applied to payments processed until April 18, 2017 using an American Express card. Offer does not apply to payments scheduled during the promotional period which are set to process after the promotional period.

To Profit with a huge credit card bonus from the offer then apply for one of these AMEX Cards first:
1. Up to $300 Bonus on American Express Blue Everyday. No Annual Fee so use this Plastiq offer to pay your property taxes or federal taxes to maximize on both promotions to meet your minimum spend of $1,000 to get a $100 Bonus. It also features a $200 Amazon bonus.
2. 75,000 Hilton HHonors Points
3. If you own a Business then Sign up for this 100,000 Membership Rewards Bonus Point offer that expires in a few days!