Get Compensated For Delayed, Canceled Or Overbooked Flights

airhelpfileairlineclaimThere is now an easier way to get money back from the airlines if you’ve experienced a delay, cancellation, or overbooking in the past 3 years. Most of us do not go after the airlines and stay persistent with customer service over these issues for vouchers or lost time and money mainly because it is inconvenient to file a claim.

AirHelp is a service that will file claims on your behalf, follow up with the airline, and take the airline to court if required. Whether you paid full price, got a discounted fare or redeemed an award ticket.

If AirHelp is not able to compensate you there is no need to pay AirHelp. If the airline pays, AirHelp will take 25% of the proceeds which is much better than nothing from being inconvenienced with forms we would have no clue where and when to file.

Rent or Re-Sale Nonrefundable Hotel Rooms

nonrefundablehotelroomRoomerTravel and are two buy and sell nonrefundable hotel room services. First lets dig into the concept of this hotel booking tool that is quite different than your direct hotel booking.

How many times have you had things come up and could not make any changes or cancel your hotel reservation loosing the deposit or the total stay amount? Roomer and Cancel On are here to help with this problem that has gotten worse as hotels are looking for more ways to add to their bottom line with cancellation fees. Not only that but some hotels such as Starwood charge you for a full stay if you have plans change and need to leave a day early. This new concept would help with that as well. We do not want to abandon a room we will no longer use but are still charged for. (more…)

ShopKick Earns You Gift Cards for Walking Into Partner Stores

shopkicktargetShopKick is a shopping app based loyalty program that gives you points or “kicks” for visiting stores and scanning specific items. There are 6,000,000 plus people who have downloaded shop kick for their mobile device on android and iPhone.

ShopKick will let you know of specials that a store is currently having, some of which are exclusive. The app will show you which stores are participating and how far away each store is and how many kicks you’ll receive for entering the store such as Target or Kroger. You have to wonder what ShopKick gets out of it. Well they make money when a business gets a customer inside a store and they buy something might not have otherwise purchased. The money they make from fees they charge businesses to get additional customers in the store is some of what they give back to you.
Get ShopKick Here (more…)

Free Wifi using FreedomPop Hotspot

free wifi freedom pop deviceWith FreedomPop you can get a monthly allowance of WiFi for FREE. This means no contracts, monthly fees, or any of that. All you have to do is pay for the $29.99 activation.

When you sign up you’re given the option to select a plan. I registered for the FREE Basic 500MB monthly plan. I found that 500MB has been enough for basic things such as responding to emails,  apps and browsing social media sites. If you are going to stream videos or download large files then you would want to select a higher plan.  You can get the Free WiFi offer here.

In the registration process you choose a device. Devices range from the wifi USB stick to hotspots that can accomodate up to 8 devices at once. I selected the Freedom Spot because it’s small and sits in the palm of my hand which is perfect to send WiFi to my devices.

The 4G speed is extremely fast in certain areas where coverage is strong and can sometimes be faster than my home internet provider. If you need more data you can tell friends about it and earn more by transferring unused data between linked friends or participate in “partner offers”.

Hotel WiFi has been cheaper or free at most locations lately but you might consider using this in place of purchasing expensive hotel wifi if you don’t have “status”. One example is in Las Vegas I recently stayed at the Mirage hotel and casino and there was No WiFi in the rooms it was miserable. The WiFi was only available in the Lobby.. um what good is that? For some reason Las Vegas hotels do not believe in WiFi.  With this device you would have free internet.

When you tell friends about it you each receive an additional 50MB of data and a chance to link accounts to swap unused data. Add your own link to the comments as well too so we can connect!

Top Apple Watch Travel Apps

applepaywatchchasefreedomThe Apple Watch is finally here after a long wait and we are so excited to try out some of these travel apps. As with the iPhone and iPad the Apple Watch will have lots of Apps to support the new innovative product and make it needed in day-to-day life and really convenient when trying to find your way around town.

Apple showed off many Apps during its stage demonstration including Siri, WeChat, American Airlines and Salesforce. Other travel brands such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Open Table for restaurant books were announced but we are more excited for the following:

1. Apple Pay. The Apple Watch’s killer app which displayed the Chase Freedom card during the presentation is one of the most anticipated. As more and more stores adopt Apple Pay we can travel without bulky wallets full of all of our rewards cards. This will cut down on theft being a safe alternative to carrying around cash or tons of cards.

americanairlines APPAppleWatch2. American Airlines. With the Apple Watch’s American Airlines app, you won’t have to worry about your boarding pass with it being on your wrist. You can also check-in for your flight from the watch and see at which baggage claim your bags will be. I don’t know how many times I have had to seek out my bags especially at DFW airport not knowing the baggage claim. (more…)