Consumers Get More Control with Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard

DELAWARE – The nation’s second largest credit card issuer launched the Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard which allows consumers to get either cash back or points.  This new credit card from JPMorgan Chase is not just any rewards card.  Chase claims that their new rewards card will represent the next generation of rewards.

Chase has had a Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard before but it was a gas rebate card at three percent and one percent on all other purchases.   These cards were soon transferred into the Chase Perfect Cards.  This card is a completely different card that is not only beautiful on the eyes but puts a smile in your wallet.

The new Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard offers a three percent rebate at gas stations, grocery stores (not supercenters), and quick service restaurant purchases.  An example of a quick service purchase would be to use the card at a Chick-fil-A restaurant using the blink chip included in the card where you do not have to sign a receipt or swipe your card.

You get all of your typical benefits with this credit card including a 0% Introductory APR but this card is different from most other banks cards because it gives you a chance at an extra $50 per $200 rebate.  You must earn $50 in rewards to get a cash back check or you can save up until you get $200 in rewards and receive $250 cash back.  This compares to theDiscover Card that offers double cash back but only with select merchants making Chase the new leader in cash back.

This is the best credit card Chase has issued in the last few years but still does not replace the Chase Perfect Card that automatically gives you a cash back credit without having to deal with checks.

Consumers will be introduced to the new Chase Freedom Card with an advertising campaign featuring a remix of a Rolling Stones song “Im Free” on most major TV networks.

If you have not been approved or denied for a Chase Credit Card you may call their reconsideration line at 1-888-245-0625. This may help any confusion be settled and be approved.

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