Consumer Complaint Emails about Chase

Chase Free Cash Card a Ripoff for Consumer

It seems that their Chase Free Cash card stops giving you ANY rewards at all after you spend 30,000 points which can be a true rip-off for the consumer. You could at least get 1% back or the .025 that Discover gives you on some purchases. This is such a greedy card they cannot give you anything if you spend over $6,000 a year on groceries, gas, and prescriptions which can happen as soon as July for MOST people. We spend lots of money on things like groceries, gas, and drug store purchases because we eat, get sick, and were stuck with high fuel costs most of the year.

What they should do is tell you on the statement that you are no longer earning rewards or tell you that you have reached the maximum. There is no way of keeping track of this on the cardholders’ side of things. Chase has a sign-in page online with the current rewards of the month posted but do not tell you once you have reached a maximum. It does not even tell you a history of the year but just 3 months history so there is no way of telling if you have even come close to that maximum.

I also spoke to a CS supervisor about this and they claimed that their reps have no way of telling when you have reached a maximum because they have so many rewards programs and they are mostly complicated. Are you serious? That is a horrible explanation or excuse. Thats like saying they have no way of calculating each months compound interest because its too complicated.

Chase Customer Service Doesn’t Care

I just had hell with Customer service reps at least one in particular when I called in about my rewards card from Chase Bank and threatened to cancel all of my Chase cards. The rep actually canceled all of my cars with no questions asked and did not even offer any points or anything to keep me as a customer. All they had to do to keep me as a customer was credit me a few points — I have been a customer for 10 years. This rep was so egotistical about working for Chase that he did not even bother to send me to a cancellations department. Or does Chase even have a cancellations department anymore?

It shows how horrible Chase has gotten with their customer service since they bought Wamu and turned into the largest deposit bank.

Steven, MO

Indeed you have to watch these sneaky rewards cards such as this one. Chase probably got rid of this card because of all the complaints because I do not see it on their website anymore. I recently wrote an article using an example of a Kroger customer spending $400 a month on groceries which can add up to $4,800 a year. Well once you spend over $6,000. This adds up fast and rips you in the pocketbook when they do not pay out rewards even though they make at least 3% on each transaction from retailers.

-RC editor