Chase Chase Freedom(SM) Visa Review

Update – The Chase website has changed the Chase Freedom(SM) Visa now and it is totally different than it was at the time of our first review.  This card seems to change every few years.  You have to really keep on top of the terms to know what you are getting before you apply for this card.

NEW for 2016 –> Chase Freedom Credit Card $175 Bonus Offer

The new version of the Chase Freedom(SM) Visa only gives you this 5% back at gas stations and grocery stores and restaurants for a certain period.  They then do something similar to the Discover More card where they do a quarterly 5% on their retail category they assign.  In other words, the Chase Freedom(SM) Visa you can apply for on the Chase website is different than the one we used to market on this site and different than the one I hold in my wallet now.

This is the best credit card I have ever seen and gives you a full 5% back for your spending in certain categories.  My top 3 spending does not include gas but it includes restaurants, shopping, and advertising purchases (I am not sure what category that would be if any).  Yours might be drugstores, grocery stores, and gas.

Other Options for Businesses and Checking account Consumers:

If you have money in a Chase checking account your best option is a credit card for your small business.  A rep told me it was 2 points for your top 5 places, no cap. One point for everything else. A flyer we found online says that Maximum bonus accumulation is $40 per pilling cycle, equating to $2000 in net purchases. (different from the maximum of $12 on my personal Chase Freedom(SM) MasterCard, but $40 still isn’t a lot.).

This card sounds better than what I get currently on my card that I opened 2 years ago. The “no cap” he was referring to was the 1 point earnings. this clearly caps at 4000 a month for maximum bonus ($2000 in purchase, $40 rebate) which is only a $480 more a year in larger rebates, compared to earning just 1 point for everything. they make it sound like it is a huge deal, which it would be if there were no caps.

What have others said about the Chase Freedom(SM) ?